10 Awesome Date Night Restaurants for BD30

10 Awesome Date Night Restaurants for BD30

10 Awesome Date Night Restaurants for under BD30

It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to take your significant other out to dinner. Apart from the usual hotel choices, there are a host of romantic and quirky alternatives for that special date. Take a look at our list below and don’t forget to check out www.bahrain101.com for more noteworthy articles.


  1. Passion Restaurant and Lounge

Location: Adliya
Cuisine: International
Website: www.passionrestaurants.com


 Rustic décor and a homey, feel good ambiance greet you as you step in to this restaurant. International cuisine means there’s something for everyone, even if your date is a picky eater. There’s also a dedicated tea menu with over 100 varieties of tea and a rotating dessert section. Overall, a great pick for a nice evening out.


2) Nicole’s Mediterranean Restaurant

Location: Adliya
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Website: www.nicolesbh.com


A stunning and cheerful façade draws you into an elegant interior. The food is served with the same care and precision you would expect from a high-end restaurant. Many have reviewed Nicole’s and found it worthy. If you skip the drinks and split dessert, your date night can definitely hit the price we marked out here.


3) My Café

Location: Adliya
Cuisine: International
Website: www.mycafebh.com


Charming and elegant, My Café’ is a chic and cozy place to take your date. There are also outdoor seating areas if you would like to enjoy the cool weather we are having. The food is delish and you can actually see the fresh ingredients displayed as in any French café’. If you want to impress, this is the place to do it.


4) Mezzaluna

Location: Adliya
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Contact: + 973 1774 2999


Described as modish, you can’t get any more sophisticated than Mezzaluna. Hey, they play jazz music on most days.  They serve a luscious Mediterranean menu in addition to an imported wine and cheese list. Though reservations should be made in advance, this place is worth the advanced booking. Ask for the corner table and enjoy your special night.


5) Lanterns

Location: Adliya and Budaiya
Cuisine: Indian
Website: www.lanternsrestaurant.net


Kitschy, colorful, and very tongue in cheek; Lanterns is a popular eating spot in Bahrain. Though crowds tend to get noisy here, (the drinks are also value for money), there are places and alcoves where you can have a nice, intimate evening. The food of course, is one of the reasons to go here and Lantern’s is often on the list of Best Indian restaurants in Bahrain.


6) Café La Ventana

Location: Adliya
Cuisine: International
Contact: + 973 6637 1616


Café La Ventana looks just like somebody’s parlor. And it actually used to be a house that was converted into a restaurant. Whimsical illustrations dot the place, but let me tell you, they take food seriously here. The steak and kidney pie and the chicken pie is highly spoken of. Everything is just downright delicious, healthy, and homemade. Good, honest food.


7) Senor Paco’s

Location: Adliya
Cuisine: Mexican
Website: www.senor-pacos.com


There’s nothing as feel good as Mexican food. Who will not smile at the prospect of sour cream, burritos, and guacamole? So if you have a date who’s grumpy, please take them to Senor Paco’s. You’ll even see a gentleman in a white suit claiming to be Senor Paco. Yes, the place is noisy (its really popular among expats), but if you reserve ahead you can get one of two out of way places for a semi-quiet date.


8) Casa Mexicana

Location: Adliya
Cuisine: Mexican
Website: www.casamexicanabh.com


Casa Mexicana is a clean and well-lighted place. Attentive and friendly service is the hallmark of this restaurant. Order margaritas rimmed with salt for starters. They do Mexican and Tex-Mex food with flair with a live band creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The fried ice cream is highly recommended.


9) Al Bindaira Café’

Location: Adliya/ Al Aali Complex/ Riffa/ City Centre Bahrain
Cuisine: Arabic
Website: www.albindaira.com


High courtyards and traditional Arabic atmosphere permeate this restaurant which serves sheesha (if you want to be more relaxed). Definitely value for money since the servings are generous. The tajine (slow-cooked veal in a bed of couscous) is a winner. Impressive on a first try, you can keep coming back without getting bored as the menu is really big.


10) Veranda Café

Location: Adliya/ Amwaj
Cuisine: International
Website: ww.verandabahrain.com


For a bit of fun, and a casual dining experience, try Veranda. Having a specialty juice bar and an ice cream delicatessen, this restaurant caters to the kid in you. There are outside seating alcoves where you can sit among plants and greenery and enjoy the fresh air. Food options are the usual mezzes and grills, but when paired with nature makes it that much more delicious.

What are your date night options on a budget? Let us know.

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