Florence – The Mediterranean French Corner

Florence – The Mediterranean French Corner

We’ve all seen the orange house on the corner of Block 338 in Adliya, it’s quite hard to miss. With the vine-covered arch in the gateway, the pastel blue window frames, the glass pergola – you would have to be blind to not look at this pretty piece of architecture as you pass by.

If you think it’s beautiful on the outside, wait till you walk in. Warning: clench your jaw to keep it falling to the ground. The interiors in Florence are done with an artistic eye. Every minuscule detail has been planned out.

From the tungsten lights to the mason jars, the pastel wood cupboards, everything. The outdoors area and the balcony area are equally amazing. The whole ambiance is inviting and so pleasing that you don’t feel like leaving. You could take a picture by the fountain in Florence and tag your location as France or Italy and nobody will know the difference.

But enough about the interiors, even though we can’t get enough of it. Let’s talk about the food. The menu in Florence is a true reflection of its tagline. It’s a combination of Mediterranean flavors in French and sometimes Italian cuisine. Sounds weird, and most things on the menu make you question a little but trust the chef and prepare your taste buds for a fiesta.

We sampled dishes that were recommended to us by the lovely staff of Florence and so our lunch consisted of the Gorgeous eggplant, the goat cheese salad, the Italian dip, the seafood Rigatoni, Shish Barak, Daja Warak Enab and two mocktails namely – A Summer in Florence and Pompeii.

Words cannot explain the flavor explosion we had in our mouths. Every dish was tied together with a middle eastern touch. Whether it was the baked pepperoni rolls in the Italian dip or the gorgeous eggplant, it was a mélange of the middle-east and west.

The stuffed vine leaves in the Daja Warak Enab were a crowd pleaser for sure, to be honest, everything on our table was. So the next time you want food that sings and an aesthetic location for your insta-feed Florence is the place to go.