4 of the Best New Restaurants in Town

4 of the Best New Restaurants in Town

Best New Restaurants in Town

  • Asia de Cuba

The ambience is everything and something that Gallery 21 (which houses Asia de Cuba) does exceptionally well. The art gallery/ restaurant has a wide, majestic atmosphere and great food of course. If you’re feeling really swanky, this is the place to go.


For more information:
Gallery 21

Tel: +973 1771 1600


  • Cantina Kahlo

Another art-inspired eatery, this gorgeous eatery makes you feel like you just stepped into a tropical paradise. Serving an enticing variety of traditional Mexican cuisine, there are also brunch and buffet offers.


For more information:

Cantina Kahlo

Tel: +973 1758 6401


  • Cacao Lounge & restaurant

If you are looking for a visual and aesthetic feast, look no further than Cacao Lounge. Based on a unique concept and taking advantage of the breathtaking setting, the restaurant also has an on-site patisserie for the sweet-toothed.


For more information:

Cacao Lounge & Restaurant

Tel: +973 1777 1234

  • Nomad Urban Eatery

An urban retreat in the heart of Seef, you will find it hard not to be amazed by this restaurant: the concept, design, and execution are stunning. And the food is amazing, not to mention their artisan coffees.


For more information:

Nomad Urban Eatery

Tel: +973 1700 0330