Bahrain 101’s Year in Review

Bahrain 101’s Year in Review

The team at Bahrain 101 had a blast creating awesome content for you guys. Take a look back at our top posts for the year. 

1. 5 reasons to live in Bahrain

50,000 reach

This guest post by Weetas garnered 1,300 reactions, 89 shares, and a reach of 50,000+! I guess there are many reasons why people want to live in Bahrain. The nicest thing was reading the comments section were people shared what they liked about Bahrain.


2. Best French Restaurants in Bahrain

30,000 reach

We’re not the only ones obsessed with French culture. The many French restaurants in Bahrain serve to remind us of the good things in life: good food, good wine, and good company.


3. Best Coffee Shops in Bahrain

29,000 reach

Coffee is the elixir that enables many a work soul to go through the work day. Our post on the best coffee shops in Bahrain was well-received by many who like coffee and the things it invariably conjures: company, chit-chat, and relaxation.


4. Best Cheap Places to travel from Bahrain

23,000 reach 

Bahrain has a lot of wanderers and this article struck a chord in their hearts. Bahrain being between Asia and Europe makes it a perfect (and cheap) starting point for travel in many quaint places. Do yourselves a favor and book that ticket now!

5. How things work in Bahrain

21,000 reach

This little guide on how things work in Bahrain was also well-received. Bahrain is visitor friendly and expats make up almost half of the population. Learning to navigate your way around Bahrain is essential, especially if you’re a new visitor or have come to stay.

6. Most stylish royals in the Middle East

20,000 reach

Duchess Kate of Windsor is not the only royal with great fashion acumen. Here we present some Middle Eastern royalty, who are themselves fashion icons. One is even the editor-in-chief of Vogue Arabia!

7. Best Dessert Places in Bahrain

19,000 reach

Land of the sweet tooth indeed! You can’t go two steps around Bahrain without encountering a sweet shop. Here are the very top picks for awesome desserts!

8. Best Daycares in Bahrain 

16,000 reach

With many expat and Bahraini parents working, daycares are fast becoming the second home for many children. Here we took a look at the ones that offer great joy and learning for kids.

9. Best Burger joints to try in Bahrain

15,800 reach

Burgers and fries have always been a source of comfort for the weary and/or hungry urbanite. Here are some unique places we found that elevate burgers and fries to an art form.

What is your favorite Bahrain 101 post?