Bahrain’s Best DJ’s

Bahrain’s Best DJ’s

Music and parties make for a fascinating life. Meet Bahrain’s DJ’s who have contributed to the Bahrain nightlife scene. 

1. Damian D’Costa


Damian is a DJ/ producer and promoter. He is a pioneer in the lounge circuit opening up his own clubs and bars, most recently the Coda Jazz Lounge. His career started in the early 80’s as a turntablist. He then became a resident DJ in a major club in Limassol, Cyprus and then decided to use his marketing degrees to promote the nightlife in the region. Still going strong in the music, fashion, and party scene; Damian is a force of nature and we look forward to see what other events he has in store. Watch him at Coda Jazz Lounge this New Year’s Eve.

2. DJ Outlaw


Mohammed Al Mori aka DJ Outlaw is the brains behind Outlaw Productions, Bahrain’s pioneering hip-hop production label. His debut studio album, “History in the making”, was the first Bahraini hip-hop album to be distributed in musical outlets across the country as well as iTunes and Amazon. He also developed the idea for “The Middle East Invasion”, a growing annual mixtape series currently at Volume 6. A true entrepreneur he has grown Outlaw productions into a company that records, composes, and masters soundtracks while keeping his passion for hip-hop alive.

3. Ahmed Zainal


A house/ techno/ electronica producer and DJ, Ahmed “just wants to make people dance”, saying his happy place is behind the deck. His productions and DJ sets live in the spectrum between minimal, funky bassline Deep House, and dark, pounding Techno grooves, with various transits around leftfield Electronica. Under the artist name Ed Buzzerk, Ahmed has become a familiar face in the underground House night “” With a radio show and continuous gigs, we’re excited to see what sounds he has in store for us.

4. Hasan Hujairi


Though he may not consider himself a DJ per se, this dude can mix up beats that will haunt your fantasies. A composer, artist, and research, his multimedia approach to art is electrifying. His sound art performances and installations has been presented in Seoul, Tokyo, London, Glasgow, Amsterdam, New York, Beirut, and Bahrain. An accomplished oud player, he is currently pursuing his PhD in Korean Traditional Music Composition at Seoul University. Kick-ass!

5. Aaron Wolf


What else can you expect from a Bahraini who was originally from Goa? Deep-house classics of course! He is currently the resident DJ at Txoxo, in The Domain Hotel. He is now working on bringing some of his own music to the dance floor so that he can make it a truly authentic Aaron Wolf experience. Catch him at The Domain’s New Year’s Eve party!

6. VJ MP3


Mohammed Khalid Almuharraqi or VJ MP3, started to DJ when he was just 13. He has been playing in some of the best nightclubs and lounges in Bahrain for more than 8 years. He won the Bahrain Cloud9 DJ competition in 2012, influenced by his big brother DJ Jackson. Catch him at The New Year’s Glow Party with DJ Sammy at Cafe Italia.

7. DJ Mysterioo Arif


Mysterio has been invited to DJ at some of the top clubs in the Gulf region. His energetic, charismatic presence in the DJ booth inspires people to dance. He has performed in some of the top festivals in the GCC countries, including Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix, the first GCC Olympic Games after party, Ibiza sensation tour, Bahrain International Boat Show, Official Thailand’s Full Moon Parties tour, Dukhan Beach Parties, Experience Indigo and many more. Watch him this New Year’s Eve at Torino Restaurant and Lounge.

8. DJ Twisted Vision


DJ Twisted Vision studied in the Bahrain Music institute and performed solo in various platforms. She then began creating her own mixes and started composing in 2003. Although Twisted has played in many private parties in Bahrain, her biggest breakthrough to reach a bigger crowd came along in the year 2008 show Choose your way to dance, under the banner of DJ Jackson. Since that gig she became an official DJ Jackson Productions member and had the opportunity to expand and get voted to be No. 2nd best DJ in Bahrain & No.1 Female DJ in Bahrain. There’s more to come from this stunner!

Who is your favorite DJ?