Bahrain’s Best Pizzas

Bahrain’s Best Pizzas

A good pizza is a great equalizer. Dough, cheese, sauce baked in a wood fired oven makes everyone just a tiny bit happier.

1. Ric’s Kountry Kitchen

Where: Villa 165, Shabab Ave
What: American restaurant
Contact: +973-1772-5550

rics kountry kitchen

Ric’s is famous for serving home-style food, and for being the harbinger of good times and good conversations. Their breakfast platters are good for sharing and they will make eggs just the way you like it. And of course their pizzas are excellent! Don’t forget to have the chef’s special of potato wine and breaded sausage on the side. The place is family-friendly as well and your kids will love it as much as you do.

2. Papa John’s Pizza

Where: all over Bahrain
What: pizza joint
Contact: +973 1750 6070

papa john's pizza

Bahrain’s most popular pizza is definitely Papa John’s. With the famous garlic sauces, delicious toppings, and fresh crust; as well as their customer give-back promotions (they often schedule a Buy 1 take 1 promotion where you can see people queuing up to buy a pizza!), Papa John’s is Bahrain friendly and will definitely be around for a long time.

3. Olivoli Pizza & Pasta

Where: Road No.2719, Building No.938 Area No.327, Adliya, Manama
What: Traditional Italian Restaurant
Contact: +973 33202101


Aside from the cool and trendy marketing (these guys are all over Instagram), Olivoli has great social awareness and always seeks to educate people about current events, especially ecological issues. Their pizzas are also on point with all the necessary ingredients for a fresh, intense, and delicious pizza experience.

4. Medzo

Where: Intercontinental Regency Bahrain
What: Italian restaurant
Contact: +973 1722 7777


With an excellent Italian food and wine list, you can vouch for pizza at this place. The chefs are fantastic and the service is top notch, and the place itself is highly elegant and would be perfect for a memorable date. The risotto is highly recommended, steak is excellent, and the wine list extensive. For a casual or a formal dining experience, Medzo is the place to be.

5. Round Table Pizza

Where: Jannusan and Juffair
What: pizza joint
Contact: +973 1616 1717

round table pizza

A cheery and homey place, where the staff are friendly and the pizzas are delicioso, plus the garlic twists are like the best thing ever! They have value meal options as well which is great if you’re setting out with family and friends. In addition, you can request vegetarian meal options and not feel like you are missing out.

6. Le Chocolat

Where: Saar and Seef
What: cafe restaurant
Contact: +973 1711 1144

le chocolat

This first class cafe serves great French food (including pizza!), as well as inventive desserts and drinks. This restful place actually serves great food at reasonable prices! The staff will create memorable cakes for any conceivable occasion. And if you find yourself in need of a pizza, there is no more restful place than here.

7. Pizza Hut

Where: all over Bahrain
What: pizza joint
Contact: +973 1711 1144

pizza hut

Almost already a household name, Pizza Hut has distinguished itself with their pizza promotions, family friendly value, and great and fast service. The fact that you can customize your pizza, make it stuffed crust (with cheese or garlic cheese), is also of great interest to the kids. Their packages and deals are very cool: it enables you to get pizza, appetizers, and desserts in one meal!

8. Italian Palace 

Where: Road no. 301 Hidd
What: an Italian palace that serves pizza!
Contact: +973 1710 0041

italian palace

Another stalwart to join the elite pizza team, Italian Palace serves delightful pizza in variegated colors to please the eye as well as the palate. Their chicken ranch (spicy) pizza is highly recommended. The bbq chicken pizza is another must try from this place. They also have quirky flavors like the chicken teriyaki and the classic Italian pizza. Highly recommended!

9. Cafe Italia 

Where: Rd No 3825, Manama 335
What: cafe + restaurant
Contact: +973 1774 4774

cafe italia

This charming little place serves the best Diavola pizza, tiramisu, and bruschetta. Romantic, and a little addictive, it also has an al fresco and a mezzanine area which you can enjoy. Also try the certified Wagyu and Angus beef meticulously grilled for your enjoyment, pair it with their wood fired pizzas for a little holiday into little Italy.

10. Oliveto

Where: Manama
What: Italian restaurant
Contact: +973 1771 6747


This chic, sophisticated place serves excellent food! Think scallops aphrodisiac, lasagna with saffron and chicken, and fillet wellington. Then of course, there are the wood-fired pizzas! Five stars to this place for originality and style! There’s also a great selection of cocktails and wines as well as an impressive outdoor setting with a pool. Tres chic!

What is your favorite pizza place in Bahrain?