Bahrain’s Best Street Food

Bahrain’s Best Street Food

From Mexican to Brazilian to Lebanese, we got your street food fix covered. 

1. Just Felafel

What: felafel shop
Where: Seef
Contact: +973 1758 1400

just felafel

Just Felafel serves one of the greatest and healthiest snacks ever invented. Ground chickpeas and fava beans are made into a patty and deep-fried. The restaurant offers this up as a platter with hummus and salad on the side, as a shawafel (that’s shawarma + felafel) combo, or the original felafel sandwich with french fries and softdrinks on the side. Either way you have it, it’s a satisfying meal.

2. Lumee Street Food

What: Middle Eastern street food
Where: Al Ahli and Saar mall
Contact: +973 1733 3747

lumee street food

This homey cafe is light and inviting. With food like spicy lamb chops, everything on the menu is flavor-packed, fresh, and zesty. The restaurant tries to capture the essence of Middle Eastern street food in a cafe/ deli contemporary setting and serves classics like the hummus and Bahraini tikka lumee, while also highlighting its signature specials like spicy mattani salad and pita toasties.

3. Calexico

What: Mexican street food
Where: Manama
Contact: +973 1766 6644


Serving award-winning Mexican street food, Calexico is a cut above the average with their intensely delicious huevos rancheros, Baja fish tacos, and of course, the spectacular Carne Asada. In addition, they also have a great selection of drinks like their homemade house ginger beer and aquas frescas as well as cocktails (tequila anyone?)

4. El Gringo

What: Mexican street food
Where: Hamala
Contact: +973 1700 1460

el gringo

From the colorful murals, to the elaborately designed skull emblem, to the gorgeous food; El Gringo is a feast for the eye and the tastebuds. Try their fiesta tacos and churro bowl; or go with the steak fajitas with cheese if you’re feeling peckish. Chimichanga, chipotle chicken wings, or empanada, the choices are endless and will surely result in a smile.

5. Bongo’s Subs and Spuds

What: Cuban street food
Where: Adliya
Contact: +973 1742 0008


Are you in the mood for Cuban street food? Look no further than Bongo’s, which serves classic sandwiches like the El Cubano, which takes 27 hours to prepare! The Frita Cubano, which is made in the same way in Cuba since 1935 and the medianoche sandwich (medianoche means midnight snack in Spanish). Cool, trendy, and very hip, Bongo’s is fast becoming popular as a dining destination.

6. JJ’s Irish Pub

What: Irish pub food
Where: Building 30, Road 352, Rd No 2607, Manama
Contact: +973 3932 9083


Famed as a sports bar, JJ’s has an inimitable atmosphere drawing in crowds of revelers on the weekends and even on weekdays. Good music, good drinks, and good food is their formula: and apparently, it works! Even though the crowds are massive, everything is well-organized and looked after by the security crew so you can enjoy your night with no hassle.

7. Mumbai Spices

What: Indian street food
Where: Osama Bin Zaid Ave, Manama
Contact: +973 1721 1400

mumbai spices

Mumbai Spices serves your favorite Indian food with flair. Whether you like butter chicken, or chicken tikka massala, or chicken biryani; you get authentic Indian food cooked just the way you like it: even to the strength of the spice! You can also opt for the Mumbai Special Vegetarian Thali if you’re into meatless meals.

8. Lantern’s

What: Indian restaurant
Where: Adliya and Budaiya
Contact: +973 1724 6777


The ubiquitous Lantern’s with its kitschy decor and riotous colors is of course a favorite hang-out of beer drinkers and foodies alike with crowd pleasers like chicken tikka masala, sweet and sour chicken, and butter chicken bowl. The food is always on pointe and the ambiance is amazing! It now has 5 branches so you can enjoy your Lantern’s experience at different places!

9. Desi Dastarkhan

What: Desi street food
Where: Manama
Contact: +973 1721 4648

desi dastarkhan

Desi Restaurant offers one of the finest desi in the Kingdom offering traditional Pakistani food like Chicken Karahi, Mutton Karahi, and Karahi Keema. There’s also the DDK Handi which is minced fresh chicken/ mutton sauteed in a wok with ginger, onions, tomatoes, and spices. It’s finished in a handi, which is a deep, wide-mouthed cooking vessel used in North Indian and Pakistani cooking.

10. Organitta

What: organic food
Where: Street 77, Jurdab
Contact: +973 1762 0116


Organitta prepares great food with organic ingredients. With dishes like beef teriyaki and sabroso chicken, you don’t need to deprive yourself in order to lose weight. Their motto is “Eat Clean, Get Lean” and with a bevy of delicious “clean” foods, plus amazing inspirational tips to get fit on their Instagram account, Organitta is definitely a great place to be.