Best Cafes Part 2

Best Cafes Part 2

The humble coffee shop has been an institutional part of our lives; a place we go to for doing projects, meeting friends, or just chilling. Here are some other coffee shops to try.

  1. My Café

    What: a “bienvenue”
    Where: Block 338, Adliya
    Contact: +973 7734 4444

My Cafe

This ingenious café boasts of a cozy, chic ambiance paired with delicious food and world-class service. Only the freshest ingredients are used to prepare the outstanding delicacies. An eye for detail, an inviting ambiance, and good food make this place a winner. Comforting and happy, this cafe is the perfect spot to spend time with friends and family.

2. Cafe Lilou

What: sweet shop and café
Block 338, Adliya
+973 1771 4440

Cafe Lilou

Always crowded and always fashionable, Café Lilou is jam packed on weekends and is almost like a saloon hosting scintillating conversation. Like a saloon, the style is French chic and the art-deco elegance is in keeping with the sophisticated crowd who hovers here. Coffee and pastries and quiches are exceptionally good.

3. Al Samadi Cafe

What: cafe and restaurant
Where: Tubli and Seef Mall
Contact: +973 1777 5666

Al Samadi Cafe

This café-chain is popular with Bahrainis and Seef mall shoppers for its range of delicacies (like delicious baklava!) and Turkish coffee! Great for hangouts, its homey, cozy, and you can get refills on your coffee for hours on end! Reviewers have raved that this is a great hang-out. Definitely worth a visit if you plan to have a sweet treat!

4. Albareh Art Cafe

What: art gallery and café
Where: Building 38, Road 3601, Area 336, Adliya, Manama
Contact: +973 1771 3535

Albareh Art Gallery

5. Candles Cafe

What: converted Bahraini house
Where: Manama
Contact: +973 1771 4844

Candles Cafe

This visually impressive place is a converted Bahraini house with well-thought out décor. There’s even a picturesque garden where you can suck on some hookah. The gorgeous setting offers a peaceful respite to the city. Include it in your list of places to visit. Known as the “coffee hub” of the city, time will tell if this reputation will continue but the gorgeous setting is still a sight for sore eyes.

6. Engie’s Restaurant and Café

What: resto-café’
Where: Seef Corner
Contact: +973 1771 4844

Engie's Restaurant and Cafe

This clean, well-lighted place boasts of floor to ceiling windows where you can while away the time watching life go by. The menu is an eclectic selection of French and international dishes although the hands-down winner is their all day breakfasts as well as a vast selection of teas sourced from all over the world.

7. Haji Ghawa (Haji’s Cafe)

What: traditional Bahraini place
Where: Bab Al Bahrain
Contact: +973 1721 0647

Haji Ghawa

This cheery, homespun place right in the heart of Bab Al Bahrain serves authentic Bahraini breakfasts at a cheap price. Bring your friends and bring their friends and prepare to feast on authentic Bahraini food: balaleet, omelettes, and chicken liver plus lots of karak tea! After a hearty meal, walk it all off by strolling through the Bab and exploring the spice market/ Gold Suq.

8. Jones the Grocer

What: deli and café
Where: Amwaj
Contact: +973 7777 0055

Jones the Grocer

Discover artisanal delights in this delightful little café tucked away in Amwaj. This is not fast food but exquisitely prepared healthy delicacies with a touch of inventiveness like their smoked tomato soup or Jones Wagyu burger. A great place, great concept, we definitely want to see more! Note: the place also holds events like breakfast talks, which is an exciting way to meet more like-minded people.

9. Le Chocolat

What: sweet shop and café
Where: Seef, Saar, Diplomatic Area, and Adliya
Contact: +973 1711 1144

Le Chocolat

This ubiquitous confectionerie just gets better and better. Charming interiors and a comforting atmosphere; plus all your favorite comfort food: pizzas, pastas, and decadent desserts (the red velvet cake is our favorite—light, dense, and flavorful). They’re also coming up with inventive new flavors and textures like their vanilla and raspberry bites (which can be pre-ordered for special occasions).

10. Noor Lounge

What: restaurant café
Where: Intercontinental Regency Bahrain
Contact: +973 17 227 777

Noor Lounge

If you’ve got your mind on high tea, try it at this place. Elegant yet homey, it’s the perfect spot for dessert fans—what with all the sweets (gourmet chocolates and confections among them, but there are also savoury quiches and sandwiches for when you want something light. The location makes it perfect to meet up with friends.

What is your favorite café?