Best Cheap Places to travel from Bahrain

Best Cheap Places to travel from Bahrain

Bahrain is an enviable position that makes it close to Europe, Africa, and Asia. Take advantage of this opportunity to be the jet-set traveler you always knew you were. An added bonus is most of these flights and places are cheap but are so amazing!

  1. Seychelles 

Where is it: off the Indian Ocean
Best if you want a: beach vacation
Claim to fame: the Valle’ de Mai, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site
Best price seen: A 146BD four day trip here


Head to Seychelles if you feel like you need rest and relaxation. With a 112 islands in this archipelago, you’re bound to find something and unique and creative on each trip. Aside from the beaches and exclusive resorts (where you can go snorkeling and boat riding), explore the jungles, see Creole style towns in Mahe, and visit coconut plantations and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, far from the madding crowd. Read Bahrain Confidential’s review of the island here

2. Maldives 

Where is it: southwest of India and Sri Lanka
Best if you want: a beach vacation
Claim to fame: the taxis! Whereas taxi drivers are known to be a tourist rip-off, here taxis interlink people to the islands


Another island getaway, the Maldives is known as a place for honeymooners with its white sands, idyllic islands, and luxurious resorts. Get fresh fish to cook early in the day or try underwater dining at Ithaa, the world’s first underwater restaurant. You can even take a night dive with grey reef sharks if you’re feeling adventurous! Most of the villas here are over water, so you can dive straight into the blue lagoon from your living room. Read Bahrain Confidential’s review of the island here

3. Thailand

Where is it: South-east Asia
Best if you want: to travel to an exotic locale and eat authentic Thai food!
Claim to fame: floating markets for the WIN!


There are so many things to see and do in Thailand that you won’t ever get bored here. Phuket is famous as the site of many great beaches, with its very own James Bond island! The diving sites are great in Similan island and of course you’ll have to experience the floating markets which floats night and day. Be sure to haggle as this is a time-honored tradition in many Asian countries.

4. India

Where is it: Asia
Best if you want: to travel to an exotic locale and eat Indian food!
Claim to fame: the Taj Mahal


The subcontinent of India is mysterious and diverse and beautiful with so many different cultures and things to do. Some ideas are to go white water rafting in Rishikesh, spend a night in Pangong Lake gazing at the stars, visit and take selfies in India gate, go to the beaches of Pondicherry, or float in a houseboat along Kerala. We haven’t even touched on the Taj Mahal, one of the most famous structures in the world! Whether you go by yourself, your family, or your spouse; there’s a holiday suited for each of those segments of your life. Check out Bahrain Confidential’s review of India

5. Greece 

Where is it: the Mediterranean
Best if you want: to travel to a historical island with lots of beach possibilities!
Claim to fame: Santorini (pictured below) is the most photographed place in the planet


Athens, Greece is the site of the Parthenon and on the itinerary of any traveler who visit the island. Then there are the almost inaccessible hanging monasteries in Meteora, the city of the winds “Mykonos”, the open air theatres where the art of tragedy and comedy was perfected. And of course there is Santorini, home to calderas and beaches which you can access by boat or by helicopter. Don’t forget to go to the local taverna for some lovely homegrown wine.

6. Malaysia

Where is it: Asia
Best if you want: to experience a melting pot of culture
Claim to fame: Petronas Twin Towers is the world’s tallest twin towers


Malaysia is a unique travel destination for the cosmopolitan adventurer. Shop till you drop in Kuala Lumpur, a shopper’s haven, also a foodie adventurist’s dream, don’t forget to try out their char sieuw and the duck delicacies. There is a Chinatown and Little India side by side in the city so you can choose which one you want to experience. Finally, ask a guide to take you through the heritage trails, most of which are already UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

7. Sri Lanka 

Where is it: Asia
Best if you want: a jungle safari
Claim to fame: Marco Polo christened it “the most beautiful island in the world”


Sri Lanka is famed for its elephant sanctuaries and tea plantations. You can also go rock climbing and kayaking if you’re in for an adrenaline adventure. Don’t forget to check out the sacred cities of Kandy and Anaradhapura, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Of course, there is also the adorable elephant playground where you can bottle-feed and play with baby elephants, just watch your toes so you don’t get stepped on! Read Bahrain Confidential’s review of Sri Lanka here

8. Hong Kong 

Where is it: an autonomous territory in China
Best if you want: to shop till you drop
Claim to fame: Victoria Peak, the city’s most famous attraction


People go here to experience the dimsum and the Peking duck, and of course to shop! shop! shop! There are literally hundreds of street bazaars where you can get things at a knock-off price. But you can also feel like a pirate and take a tour on a junk boat, gaze upon the Big Buddha in Lantau Island, or hike on the “Dragon’s Back”, a popular hiking trail. However way you do Hong Kong, you’re sure to come back for another experience. Read Bahrain Confidential’s review of HK here

9. China 

Where is it: Asia
Best if you want: a historic adventure
Claim to fame: The Great Wall of China is the only man made structure seen from space


China is home to, of course the giant panda, but also the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, historical and fascinating attractions. After the Great Wall, have a look at the Giant Terracotta Warriors, thousands of life-sized terracotta warriors standing guard over the grave of an emperor. Don’t forget to bamboo raft over the Li river and cruise the Three Gorges to complete your China visit.

10. Turkey

Where is it: in between Eastern Europe and Asia
Best if you want: a natural paradise with a rich cultural heritage
Claim to fame: Hagia Sophia is the largest cathedral in the world

POSCA008 Aya Sofya, Istanbul, Turkey

From whirling dervishes to “fairy chimneys” in Capadoccia, Turkey is a blend of old and new. Get a good scrub-down in a Turkish hammam, or visit the Hagia Sophia, the largest cathedral in the world; or see what the great writers talked about when they talked about the “Blue Cruise”, sailing down the Turkish Riviera. Make time to explore Asia Minor, one of the Seven wonders of the world. See here Bahrain Confidential’s coverage of street art in Istanbul

What is your favorite place to visit?