Best Dessert Places in Bahrain

Best Dessert Places in Bahrain

Bahrain may very well be the land of the sweet tooth. And no wonder, with the bountiful amount of sweets at every corner, who won’t be tempted to have a bite or two? Here are some restaurants where you can get your sweet fix.

  1. Cafe Lilou

Location: Adliya
Known for: sophisticated French flair
Try: anything with chocolate


With a newly revamped menu, but the same sophisticated French cafe’ feel, Cafe’ Lilou is popular with the bohemian crowd that hangs around Block 338. The food is inspired, the kind that bloggers write about with a cafe’ culture hashtag. Cafe’ Lilou is most famous for its desserts. There’s a whole window full of pastries that you can gawk at once you enter the cafe. If you want to live dangerously, try the French toast with nutella and ice cream plus chocolate drizzles.

2) Le Chocolat

Location: Seef
Known for: great pizzas!
Try: Africa cake


As the name suggests, Le Chocolat is famous for its sweets. The interior decor is very chic, but the patisserie with its rows and rows of tempting sweets is the real winner. The food is affordable and delicious! The chocolate cake is very famous and you will be hard pressed not to find something you like. The nice patio where you can eat if you want to dine al fresco is also a plus.

3. Paul Cafe’ Bahrain

Location: City Centre Bahrain
Known for: ice cream
Try: espresso machiato


Located in City Centre, Paul’s offers rustic comfort food to the weary shopper. Start off with their soup of the day before going to the pastry corner where rows and rows of sweets are displayed. Strengthen your heart to stop at just one or get two macarons and just diet tomorrow.

4. Maya La Chocolaterie

Location: City Centre Bahrain
Known for: fondue
Try: chocolate pancakes!


Maya was a bit of a phenomenon in Kuwait, with real pipes of dark and milk chocolate incorporated in the shop design. In Bahrain, this decadent shop at Seef Mall is a veritable haven for choco-lovers. Try the fondue which is the smoothest, thickest milk chocolate for dipping your fresh fruits and marshmallows in. There’s also a dark chocolate variation for the hardcore chocolatier.

5. Areesh

Location: Amwaj
Known for: traditional Arabic sweets
Try: Pistachios and cream


Areesh, a chic new restaurant in Amwaj is known for traditional Arabic food with a twist. Interestingly enough, they also have traditional Arabic desserts in keeping with the theme. Try their cheese kunafah or nutella on flatbread. Also on offer is the Mahalabieh, a sweet milk pudding; and Halaewt al Jibben, a soft pastry dough filled with thick cream.

6. Nino’s 

Location: Al’Ali mall backside
Known for: pizza but also for banoffee rolls
Try: pistachio crepes


There are many nice things to have in Nino’s and dessert is one of them. A strictly Italian establishment, their pizzas are mythical, and their desserts good for the soul. Try the creme brulee bread pudding if you’re in the mood for salted caramel (and who isn’t?), and ask for it to be topped by butterscotch sauce. There is also the chocolate pudding cake and the warm chocolate mousse if you feel in need of some chocolate (and who doesn’t?)

7. Johnny Rockets

Location: Seef
Known for: hamburgers and milkshakes
Try: the super sundae


Though many elaborate menus may come and go, sometimes there’s nothing as simple and satisfying as a perfect hamburger paired with the perfect milkshake. If that’s what you want, then you can’t go wrong with Johnny Rockets whose recipe should almost be patented. The apple pies are baked daily and you can have a slice of that perfect brownie, and go ahead have a scoop of ice cream with it.

8. Zoe

Location: Adliya
Known for: good food
Try: The Dome Cake


Elegant and evocative, the food that is made in Zoe should be called “designer”. Try the sable biscuit crown with tangy berries, a treat that is pleasing to the eye as well as the tongue. If you’re in the mood for a tart dessert, try the lemon custard which is all sorts of lemon goodness in a perfect crumb pastry crust. Beat the weekend crowd and go in for a quiet weekday meal in this stylish place.

9. Coco’s

Location: Adliya
Known for: wicked tiramisu
Try: crepes


One of the oldest and most popular casual dining restaurants in the island, Coco’s is a completely walled-in, villa style garden restaurant in Adliya. Try the peach iced tea for starters then move to your main meal while still making room for either tiramisu or crepes stuffed with sugar and cream. It’s a great experience all round although the place does get a bit crowded.

10. La Vinoteca Barcelona

Location: Adliya
Known for: Catalan cream
Try: Pa Amb Xocolata


The desserts, as well everything in this place is par excellence. The Pa Amb Xocolata is a mousse of dark chocolate finished with rock salt and olive oil (artisanal at its best!). There is also fried milk cream sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon; and cooked pears in a sweet white wine. If you can’t make up your mind, go for the tasting plate with four different desserts of the chef’s selection.

What is your favorite dessert place?