Butcher Shop – An Epicurean Feast

Butcher Shop – An Epicurean Feast

The Butcher Shop & Grill is a legendary South African steakhouse that’s back in Bahrain with an all-new face and revamped menu. 

Located in our favorite mall, City Centre right next to the cinemas. We thought this was a great spot to bring in a group of friends and family to enjoy a delicious spread. 

We were first welcomed by the friendliest of servers with some kick-ass mojitos, we recommend you try the ‘Peach on the Beach’ and ‘Lime Twister.’ Those were our personal favorites. 

While downing a few we were taking in the interiors and we were genuinely impressed. With the limited space and restrictions imposed, they had nevertheless managed to capture the essence of a true steakhouse. With the faux brick wall décor, chalkboards with various tidbits, the fantastic woodwork and vintage tungsten lights hanging from the ceiling. It was all very appealing.

But of course, that’s not what we were there for. As the conversations turned to more serious topics and as contagious laughs were spreading around we were served with our first course. A Garlic bread platter and then some salads. Perfect for our vegan friends. The salads were exquisite especially the goat’s milk cheese salad. There are about nine perfect salads on the menu to choose from.

The menu also boasts decent seafood options too. We had the salt and pepper calamari alongside some scampi, deep fried and breaded to perfection. You could also try the Mediterranean seafood skillet that contains calamari, mussels and shrimps served with olives, herbs, garlic butter and so much more. 

After powering through the seafood we moved onto the sticky chicken wings and the traditional boerewors, the African fried pap and tomato relish just elevated the whole experience!

Still sipping on our mojitos, we were anxiously anticipating the coming of the signature dishes! The eatery is known for its great prime cuts, excellent variety it even boasts an in-house butchery and knife counter, so you know you’re in good hands. When the dishes did arrive – the mixed grill, the mix and match Chicken and beef espetadas, dripping and steaming, the chicken sliders and the heavenly steaks, everybody’s eyes lit up. 

A frenzy of phones taking pictures of the magnificent cuts before us and a frenzy of hands barely waiting to devour all of it once they were done. The carnivores were unleashed, and the satisfaction was almost ungodly. 

The whole spread featured an endless selection of palate pleasers we couldn’t get enough of.