Dar Zowayed – Bahraini cuisine, redefined!

Dar Zowayed – Bahraini cuisine, redefined!

Bite into the culinary treasures of Khaleeji cuisine at Dar Zowayed.

Nestled in the stylish district of Adliya, Dar Zowayed is Bahrain’s newest addition to its vibrant culinary scene. With a plethora of Bahraini delicacies, the restaurant is offering a modern twist on the diverse cuisine in a contemporary setting.

Stylish, chic, aesthetically pleasing – three words that immediately came into mind as soon as we entered Dar Zowayed. The modern interiors featured inviting shades of royal blue and magenta, further enhanced with white brick panels and stunning cultural accents. Dar Zowayed features a lush outdoor seating as well as a cozy second floor. We were immediately drawn towards the picturesque scene of the restaurant along with the welcoming atmosphere fostered by our lovely host, Love.

The culinary experience

The gastronomic adventure commenced with the warm Harissa soup with traditional Arabic bread. This was followed by an array of scrumptious salads and appetizers including some of the chef’s recommendations like ‘Chicken and Jarish’, ‘Hummus with Bahraini Tikka’ and our personal favorite, ‘Chicken Shawarma Nachos’.

As soon as we thought we couldn’t sing more praises about Dar Zowayed, we were served with more mouthwatering dishes. The star of the night was the ‘Machboos Hamour’ which is Basmati rice cooked with local hamour fish and Bahraini spices. We instantly fell in love with the fusion of spices along with the perfectly cooked fish. The ‘Chicken Biryani’, as well as their signature ‘Lamb Ghouzi’, were also worth noting.

Dar Zowayed also highlights their Bahraini-infused iced teas made purely from the finest organic products that are rich in antioxidants, vitamin, and minerals. One sip of the soothingly cold ‘Butterfly Pea & Spices’ concoction and we knew we’ve come to the right place. Aside from the remarkable dishes and drinks, a selection of freshly made desserts and cakes are also available.

Dining at Dar Zowayed is certainly an experience to take advantage of so don’t miss it!