Davids Stir Fry Crazy

Davids Stir Fry Crazy

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Building 228, Road 3605, Adliya,
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David’s Stir Fry Crazy has a very pleasant atmosphere to enjoy a casual but tasty lunch. Since 1st September 2009, Stir Fry Crazy has been serving you with both traditional and contemporary Chinese cuisine. They have complimented the genuine taste with the inclusion of popular dishes from Vietnam and the Far East. You will immediately feel the difference by the time you have the first bite. At David’s Stir Fry Crazy, they stay true to what they have to offer. They do not compromise on the quality of their products. The food is guaranteed fresh and tasty each time you take a bite from one of the hundreds of dishes they so meticulously created. Their chefs from China recreate the taste you crave for.