How to earn extra cash

How to earn extra cash

Adulting is often fraught with responsibilities, mortgage, and retirement savings. These are some ways to put some extra cash in your pocket. 

1. Be a Task Rabbit


You can run errands for other people in your free time. You can look for people in your neighborhood who need babysitters, dogsitters, or cleaners. There’s also a cool website called Task Rabbit, which is like the Uber for chores where you can connect and deal with people who may be in need of your services. You can make the most of your free time and earn money too!

2. Sell your stuff on ebay


The average home is filled with decades worth of clothes, shoes, knickknacks; and other things that are not too valuable, but which you cannot bear to part with. Clear up some space in your home and make some cash by selling some of your things on ebay. Bonus: you can buy other things you want with the money you make.

3. Be an Uber driver.


If you have a car and some free time, consider being an Uber driver. Through the app, you can make yourself available on demand (or when you’re available) as a car for hire. Party time during weekends in Manama is a peak season, so if you don’t mind picking non-sober people up and getting them home, this is a pretty decent way to make some extra cash.

4. Resell items from thrift stores


Auction houses, rare book dealers, and museums sometimes find things of rare value in thrift stores and there’s no reason why you can’t. If you find nice clothing, glassware, antiques in thrift stores and take the time and trouble to clean them up a little (replace the binding of an old book, or scrub pottery till they’re sparkling); then you can make some money out of reselling thrift store finds. There’s quite a lot of thrift stores around Bahrain that you can scour.

5. Start a service business


Cater dinner, write freelance, or polish people’s resumes. A service business doesn’t have to have a big overhead, but it can solve people’s problems. A mail-order subscription for potted plants or shawarma? People’s needs are endless, and if you keep your ears perked, you’re sure to find something that your neighborhood wants and can help them to achieve it.

6. Host an event


It doesn’t have to be a big event costing loads of cash. Form a free MeetUp group on a topic you like (e.g. photography, reading, music jams), and run free events. Entrepreneur Middle East says once you secure a loyal following, get a reputable guest speaker, and then charge for the event. Then, you can grow your own MeetUp by hosting exclusive, sought-after events.

7. Blog

Letters pinned to a white wall

It’s a blogger’s world nowadays and bloggers get paid premium to write articles about travel, makeup, weddings, and etc. If you have an area of expertise, say teaching English, you can create a website with ads and affiliate links. As long as you keep creating value for your audience, you can keep on earning money from your blog.

8. Cash in on your crafty side


If you knit, sew, paint, make lamps or dolls or any thingamabob; you can sell your crafts on etsy, ebay or any of the local fairs in Bahrain. People love handmade, organic items; so whether its soap, or jewelry, or bookmarks; your craft items are sure to find a home. Connect with other local sellers in the area to always be updated on fair schedules.

9. Dog Walking


If you love the furry friends, then dog walking might be right up your alley. A bonus: taking pets out for exercise ensures that you get exercised too and that you have a bit of fun while earning some cash. A nice way to go about it is to take dogs from one area on a schedule so that you’re focused and don’t get too tired.

10. Babysit


If you have the patience and a love for kids, babysitting is a good idea. Just fix them up with snacks, be ready for a game or two, help them with their homework; and by the time you know it, their parents are home. You can also tutor kids who are having difficulties with their studies or who wish to go to an Honors program.

What are your favorite ways to make extra money?