Eat Guide (Diplomatic Area)

Eat Guide (Diplomatic Area)

Check out our Eat Guide for the Diplomatic Area. 

1. re Asian Cuisine by Wolfgang Puck

Where: Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay
What: Asian bistro
Contact: +973 1711 5001 

re asian cuisine

Treat your tastebuds to this zesty experience. Innovative Asian cuisine, elegant art deco design, and stunning views of the city’s skyline complete a memorable meal. Now with an excellent Saturday brunch, this is certainly a place to try if you’re out to impress. The 5-star service is a definite plus and the chefs trained by Wolfgang Puck himself are out to wow you.

2. Mamy Soup

Where: Rd No 1805, Manama
What: Thai restaurant
Contact:  3999 2266

mamy soup restaurant

Although you might be tempted to pass over this grubby little place in favor of posher establishments, give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. This place serves some of the best Thai food on the island and have received rave reviews in some of the most reputable establishments in town. Its casual fast-Thai-food, but it will warm your heart.

3. Mehl al Zahd

Where: Rd No 1907, Manama
What: Bahrain’s first Iraqi restaurant
Contact: +973 1731 1170

mehl al zahd

For an honest meal, tuck into fine Arabic fare at Mehl Al Zaad. Mezzes, hummus, baba ghanoush, tabboule, all authentic and all divine. Try the ghouzi or moutabba for sharing (the amount of food is ginormous and it would be a shame to waste it). Everything is fresh and fast and the waiters will do their best to help you decide what to eat.

4. Abd El Wahab

Where: Bahrain World Trade Center
What: Lebanese bistro
Contact: +973 1332 3332

 abd al wahab
Located in the World Trade Center, this nifty little bistro will make you feel excited about Lebanese food. From makkanek to kafta halabiyyeh skewers, its an awesome place to explore tradition. With a trendy bar, a lounge area and live music, you can stay here for hours on end. Perfect for the whole family, its romantic enough for a great date too.

5. Olivos

Where: Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel
What: Mediterranean eatery
Contact: +973 1753 0843


Savor Mediterranean inspired cuisine at Olivos, which is also home to the hotel’s fabulous Super Breakfast Buffet. Olivos is known for homemade breads and pastries, which guests can sample from the well-crafted a la carte menu. It’s a dining experience for any event and taste. Try it if you’re after an enjoyable lunch away from the office!

6. Fiddler’s Green

Where: Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel
What: Irish pub
Contact: +973 1753 1666

fiddlers green

Sometimes all you want is a nice drink and some fish and chips (or ribs). Well, this spot will give you just that. Sports games are de rigeur or you can sit further away from the TV and read a nice book. There are meals for sharing if you feel the need for more substantial stuff. You will find that the staff are courteous and intuitive and will anticipate your needs.

7. Le Sauvage

Where: The Domain Hotel and Spa
What: steakhouse
Contact: +973 1600 0000

le sauvage

This savagely sexy steakhouse is an epitome of fine dining and fine living. From the cigar couches to the sommelier who very artfully steers you through your meal, you will find that this place enthralls your senses as well as your mind. A nice Parisian escape at the heart of Manama, you won’t forget this place quickly.

8. Waves

Where: Crowne Plaza and Hotel
What: seafood restaurant
Contact: +973 1753 1122


Serving the finest and freshest seafood, and open for lunch and dinner daily; Waves is a good choice for a sophisticated discussion on business and/or philosophy. Select from the seafood on display and have it cooked any way you like. Alternatively, you can also make a selection from the a la carte menu.

9. Darseen Cafe

Where: National Museum Bahrain
What: cafe
Contact: +973 1600 0000

darseen cafe

Located at the National Museum, this charming little cafe boasts of an eclectic, multi-cultural menu. The unique vantage point of the cafe makes it an instant conversation piece and of course, you’re surrounded by all the beautiful artworks! Indulge in the eatery’s appetizing selection of local and international dishes, baked goods, and wide assortment of beverages.

10. Ventus Lounge

Where: Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay
What: floating lounge
Contact: +973 1711 5000

ventus 1

The first of its kind floating lounge in Bahrain; you can experience private luxury yachting while enjoying fusion tapas and premium drinks on Bahrain Bay. You can book this schooner with up to 8 guests for 50BD per hour and if you’re going with 12 guests its 80BD per hour. Great if you’re in the mood for something different, and a little luxurious.

What is your favorite place to eat in the Diplomatic Area?