Eat Guide (Seef)

Eat Guide (Seef)

The heart of the business district itself has a lot of restaurants that will make your mouth water. Here are our top picks!

1. Ashas

Where: City Centre Mall, 2758 Road 4650, Manama
What: Indian restaurant
Contact: +973 1717 9751


Folks who enjoy North Indian chat varieties will love Asha’s. Located in the 2nd level of the Bahrain City Centre Mall and elsewhere, it has become very popular with locals and those who come from Saudi on the weekends. Asha’s menu highlights the Masterpieces of 2016, which includes Tangadi Kebab, and Nalli Nihari, crowd favorites from the past year.

2. Aroma Cafe

Where: Seef
What: cool shisha place
Contact: +973 1758 2711

aroma cafe

Bahrain’s coolest shisha place features an irresistibly delicious menu, friendly service, and a wide range of recreational amusements. There’s a public restaurant dining room, and five beautifully appointed private dining room for those special occasions. Aside from the traditional Arabic menu, they also feature pizza and pasta, so great if you’re bringing your kids along.

3. Rasoi by Vineet

Where: Gulf Hotel and Spa
What: Indian restaurant
Contact: +973 17111198


Rasoi is the first fine dining restaurant in Bahrain operated by a Michelin starred chef. Innovative cuisine meets equally imaginative decor in this restaurant overlooked by a team of Indian chefs creating the finest Indian food from the show-kitchen. Its open for lunch and dinner and also features a private chef’s table dining room.

4. Butcher Shop and Grill 

Where: City Centre Mall
What: steakhouse
Contact: +973 1717 2323

butcher shop and grill

This steakhouse stands in a class of its own because its more purse-friendly than other steak-house options. With great prime cuts and excellent variety, you get value for money. There’s even an in-house butchery if you have a hankering for a barbecue at home. Its in a great location too, which means you can work out an appetite before your meal or burn calories directly after.

5. Elevation Burger

Where: Seef Mall
What: burger joint
Contact: +973 1758 7828

elevation burger

Certified halal meat can be found in this burger joint. In addition, they serve some of the best vegan burgers in town. Their ingredients are fresh, sustainable, and local–when practical. This restaurant brings an aura of elan to fast food. The restaurant takes advantage of social media as well creating fun games and competitions where guests can win–what else? their beloved burgers.

6. Ritz Gourmet Lounge

Where: Ritz Carlton Hotel
What: French-style lounge
Contact: +973 1758 0000

ritz gourmet lounge

Beautiful French interiors and an airy, light surrounding; The Ritz Gourmet Lounge is the place to go when you’re feeling fancy. Signature sweets like peach melba and macarons; as well as imported leaf teas from Sri Lanka, China, and South America are on the menu; along with home-made breads, croissants, pates, tartines, and desserts.

7. Hevea Cafe

Where: Al Ahli Mall
What: Indo-chinese cuisine
Contact: +973 1758 0000

hevea cafe

Hevea is a place where French and Asian atmospheres meet. Served in an elegant, fresh, cosy ambiance, that offers an interpretation of French cookery with South East Asian touches. There’s also a bakery and pastry corner that offers artisanal products for takeaway as well as a carefully curated range of fine teas, coffees, and treats.

8. P.F. Changs

Where: Bahrain City Centre
What: Chinese bistro
Contact: +973 1758 0000

pf changs

P.F. Changs, has built a niche for itself within the City Centre mall. A sleek, contemporary ambience plus delicious Chinese dishes with a fresh, modern twist; PF Changs is the place the cool kids hang out. Prices might be a bit steep however portions are big, so you can get it for sharing or to take home.

9. Neyran

Where: Mercure Grand Hotel Seef
What: Mediterranean Restaurant
Contact: +973 1758 0000


Neyran Restaurant features contemporary delicacies with a Mediterranean influence. With the look of an idyllic bistro and its charming rustic decor which gives it an authentic Mediterranean feel, Mercure Grand’s signature restaurant offers an extravagant buffet for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Alternatively, take your pick from the extensive a la carte menu.

10. Nino’s 

Where: Al Ali Mall
What: Italian Resto
Contact: +973 1756 6555


Nino’s serves a great variety of Italian, American, and international food like their classic buffalo chicken wrappers. A contemporary vibe permeates this place with permanent coolness, which you’ll discover once you try their original, fusion offerings like the tempura short rib rolls, or the risotto recco al carne.