Japanese restaurants to try

Japanese restaurants to try

Sushi, sashimi, tempura, and even bento boxes are tempting words! If you have a craving for Japanese, here are some places that will hit the spot. 

1. Sushi 101

Where: Manama
Known for: New Age sushi school

sushi 101

With items like Najla (crab and shrimp tempura), Crisp Fried Maki, and Tempura Calamari; you know you’ve come to the right place for a Japanese culinary adventure. There’s also new-age sashimi, maki mono, and temaki; Sushi 101’s take on great classic recipes. Finally, tea-lovers will love their tea over iced tea forte where brewed tea is poured over iced tea to create a refreshing, delicious drink. Try if you’re feeling adventurous!

2. Imari

Where: The Domain Hotel & Spa
Known for: great food in a classy setting
Contact: +973 1600 0000


Sweeping sea views of Manama through floor to ceiling windows add a sense of drama and romance to any meal at Imari. The hip and trendy venue is split into a chic lounge, casual bar, and intimate main dining area. Dishes are delicious and the bento boxes are really cute and affordable. There’s also a live sushi bar at night complete with drinks, DJ’s and the whole shebang.

3. Maki 

Where: Bahrain World Trade Center 
Known for: Special Filo Prawn Tempura
Contact: +973 1752 2733

maki bahrain

Combining Japanese tradition with global flavors and exciting textures, Maki is a leader in contemporary Japanese cuisine. Aside from the fusion dishes, there are also gluten-free additions to the restaurant like Tartufo Red Quinoa salad. The teppanyaki, tempura, and bento boxes are on point. The restaurant interior is exquisite. You and your friends are bound to have a great time.

4. Bushido 

Where: Building Nr 52, Road 38, Block 428, Seef
Known for: the place, the food, the entertainment
Contact: +973 1758 3555


A winner of so many categories, its actually a game-changer, Bushido ticks off so many boxes. The place is an experience not just for the food, but for the ambiance and the music. Its a little get-away in Bahrain where you are transported into a different realm. The food is of course delicious, the drinks on point; this is definitely an experience you’ll want to repeat again and again.

5. Kojo 

Where:  Zayed Town
Known for: simple, authentic Japanese fare
Contact: +973 1744 9055

kojo bahrain

Offering a combination of authentic and Japanese fusion cuisine to cater to all palates. Fresh ingredients with sophisticated methods of cooking and presentation, you won’t be disappointed if you decide to dine in this place. From gyoza to yakitori, sashimi to hand rolls, makimono to teppanyaki, there’s something for everyone to taste and try.

6. Sato

Where:  Gulf Hotel 
 Known for: charming authenticity
Contact: +973 1771 3000


The distinguished Sato restaurant has earned a reputation for serving the absolute best in Japanese cuisine. Look for other authentic touches like the kimono clad waitresses who welcome you to this elegant place. It is favored by guests who are said to love its peaceful, zen-like surroundings and exquisite features including the Teppanyaki rooms, and sushi bar.

7. Monsoon

Where:  Block 338 Adliya 
Known for: elegant ambiance
Contact: +973 1774 9222


Although known for Thai food, Monsoon also serves great Japanese. Tucked away in the heart of Adliya, this elegant place has a swanky ambiance which adds to the overall experience. There’s even an eating area with a raised stream outdoors. This is perfect if you feel like dressing up and celebrating a special occasion.

8. Nu Asia

Where:  Al Ahli mall and Budaiya and other places
Known for: hip and trendy remakes on traditional cuisine
Contact: +973 17587171

nu asia

Another Asian fusion restaurant, Nu Asia bowls people over with its excellent interiors and the great variety of Indian, Chinese, and Japanese food. Tempuras are excellent, edamame always crisp, and the makis simply amazing. Then there are the specials like miso grilled chicken or salmon, chicken katsu curry and udon. You’ll come back for more.

9. Arirang Edo 

Where: Hoora 
Known for: Japanese patrons
Contact: +973 1729 0945

arirang edo

Frequented by Japanese nationals for the authenticity of the food, this place warms our hearts with its cheerfulness, the delicious taste of the food, and the general affordability of the things on the menu. This is authentic Japanese cuisine with a hotpot for shabu-shabu should you desire it. Don’t forget to slurp down the ramen because this is how its done.

10. Sumo Sushi and Bento

Where: American Alley 
Known for: affordability and great food
Contact: +973  1771 8090

sumo sushi

Probably not the best place to eat whilst dieting (look at the size of that meal!), Sumo sushi serves a wide variety of bento and other Japanese grub right at the heart of American Alley. Food is affordable (and trendy!) with offerings called the kushi pop (a deep fried California roll with tamago, served popsicle style) and the matcha dream desserts. Fun and casual, go here for a relaxing weekend brunch.

What is your favorite Japanese restaurant in Bahrain?