Lazy Girl Beauty Tips

Lazy Girl Beauty Tips

Who doesn’t hit the snooze button to get at least 5 minutes more sleep in the mornings? If you’re that kind of lazy girl, here are some tips to cut your beauty routine by half. 

1. Use primer

use primer

If you use primer in the morning, it will save you the hassle of touch-ups in the afternoon. Plus it makes your makeup go on smoother and more natural.

2. Add blush on your cheeks and eyelids

blush on cheeks and eyelids

Take the guesswork out of matching your blush to your eyeshadow by using blush for eyes and cheeks. Bonus is you instantly look like you’ve got eight hours of sleep even when you didn’t. Take a universally flattering peach blush like Too Faced’s Papa Don’t Peach, swipe it on your cheeks and eyes, and voila, instant prettiness.

3. Use concealer properly

use concealer properly

It’s called concealer for a reason, and when you use it properly, the ravages of burning the midnight oil and late-night parties will not be seen. Use a reddish toned concealer to cancel out dark shadows, then follow with a yellow-tinted cover up to fully camouflage your dark circles properly.

4. Turn your shiny lipstick into matte

turn your shiny lipstick into matte

Just apply your lipstick, blot with a tissue and apply translucent powder or even baby powder on top. Simple and effective. Now you can use your shiny lipstick two ways!

5. Take it all off with makeup wipes

Young woman wiping off liptick, mid section, close-up

Keep makeup wipes on your bed to make taking the day’s makeup off easy. As you know, the makeup builds up and clogs the pores; causing dirt, bacteria, and other skin diseases. Makeup wipes can save you when you’re too tired from partying.

6. Style your hair the night before

braid your hair at night

Put your hair in a loose (or tight) braid, depending on how you want your waves in the morning. When you wake up, just shake them out and voila, instant wavy hair. Perfect for those days when you’re going out after work.

7. Put on red lipstick

put on red lipstick

When you’re really pressed for time, and don’t even have the energy to put on makeup, just put on red lipstick. Even if you wear nothing else, you’ll look instantly polished, glamorous, and like you spent the time looking put together. Great for those mornings you’ve overslept and you have a meeting with a client at 9:00.

8. Do the Power Ponytail

power ponytail

Your hair’s a mess and you’re almost late for work. No problem, just put your hair back in a power ponytail sported by the likes of Madonna and Beyonce. The secret? Wrap an extra strand of hair around your elastic to make it look chic-er.

9. Use BB cream to your advantage

bb cream

Imagine a product that can replace your day cream, SPF, and foundation and you’ve got the BB cream. Different BB creams have different uses but this multi-tasking face product gives you a lot of bang for your buck. A bonus is you don’t have to lug around (or keep in your counter) a lot of products when you have this.

10. Put on a hair accessory

hair accessory

When you want to look polished and put together but don’t have time for a Brazilian blow-out, just put on a hair accessory, like this cute polka-dot headband and you’re out the door.

What are your favorite beauty tips?