Little Island, Big Ideas

Little Island, Big Ideas

Bahrain is a small island filled with big ideas. These are some entrepreneurs who have changed the landscape of the country in their own inventive way. 

1. Bader Murad

Who: President and CEO of Bader Models
Known for: aircraft models referred to as “Rolls-Royce of all models”

bader murad

All aviation enthusiasts and model makers worldwide know Bader Murad. He has created aviation design models that spark interest from model collectors as well as individuals seeking personalized replicas of their own private planes. Bader has handled many orders from members of the Gulf ruling families, other international royalty, and top international entertainers.

2. Alia Almoayed

Who: nutritional therapist and consultant
Known for: radio show called “Dare to be Healthy”

alia almoayed

Alia Almoayed, apart from running a very busy health and nutrition consulting program is also the author of four books, and holds popular workshops on the subject. She offers one-on-one nutrition coaching and heads a number of weight loss projects. Personal illness made her reassess her health and look for inspiring solutions that she now wants to share to the whole community.

3. Ahmed Mansoor Al Aali

Who: Chairman, AMA Group
Known for: Lifetime Achievement Award for Entrepreneurship

ahmed mansoor al aali

Born in 1930, Al’Aali founded the Ahmed Mansoor Al’Aali Group when he was just 19 and further developed the business as a group of companies with diversified interests in real estate and construction, manufacture, and supply of equipment, and related fields such as mechanical engineering. He has made significant contributions to the National Economy and has had the privilege to be honored by the Royal Family.

4. Nezar Kadhem

Who: Founder of Eat
Known for: the Eat app, which makes restaurant bookings so much easier

Nezar Kadhem

Nezar was the first to offer a mobile restaurant app through Eat. Now, a cloud-based booking management platform for the region, it aims to optimize and manage reservations, aiming to increase daily revenues of restaurants. Definitely shaking the food and beverage industry of the country, Eat and Nezar are rightly popular for their work in driving business to restaurants.

5. Faisal Khalifeh 

Who: Founder of Solar One
Known for: creating Bahrain’s first solar power manufacturing facility

Faisal Khalifeh

Faisal and his Solar One manufacturing facility has an annual capacity of 15 MegaWatts, or 60,000 panels; enough to power over 1,000 Bahraini homes. It aims to lead the way in the renewable energy industry by providing free, clean energy for everyone and has the facilities to produce panels of any size, shape, or power output.

6. Khalifa Al Mannai

Who: Founder of Mannai Technological Innovations, WLL
Known for: “The Phoenix Portal”

khalifa al mannai

Initially a specialist venture in IT Medical Services, the company rapidly expanded into sectors such as projects and consultancy which put Mannai on the map for further development and innovative expansion. Through their own platforms, Mannai has become one of the pioneers in the health facilitation sectors, providing customers with a cutting edge and innovative, yet a simple and a convenient way of managing health solutions worldwide, we call “The Phoenix Portal”. A great achievement for such a young man!

7. Roaya Saleh

Who: Founder of Villa Mamas
Known for: her kitchen wisdom

roaya saleh

Roaya is the Head Chef/ Founder of Villa Mama’s which is all about home cooked food and passion, perfecting dishes that have been passed down through the generations. Her menus are inspired by heritage and travels. She also works closely with small farmers and producers who grow food specially for her.

8. Dr. Lamya Mahmood

Who: Founder of Dr. Lamya’s Laser Specialist Dental Center
Known for: the first laser specialist dental center in Bahrain and the GCC

dr. lamya

Dr. Lamya has gained a reputation for providing excellence in dental services including cosmetic/ smile makeovers with her digital smile design studio. She has also included orthodontics, surgery, pediatric dentistry, and implantology specialties under one roof. In addition, she has successfully expanded the brand from a simple practice to a specialized center.

9. Zahraa Taher 

Who: Managing Director at FinMark
Known for: being an event strategist

zahraa taher

Zahra has started working at Al Ayam Newspaper when she was just 16 and went on to become an inspiring journalist. She has also been one of the volunteer members of the Bahrain Society for Training and Development and worked for free during the start of her career to learn many different things and meet many interesting people.

10. Mohammed Jaffar

Who: Managing Partner of Talabat
Known for: massively successful food delivery app

mohammed jaffar

Our last place on the list is reserved for Mohammed Jaffar, restaurateur who acquired Talabat and put it on the map. This massively successful food delivery app services most of Bahrain and is the place where people go to explore food options when they’re feeling adventurous, or the tried and tested classics when they want some comfort food.

Which Bahraini entrepreneur has inspired you the most?