Mawasim – Flavors of the Mediterranean

Mawasim – Flavors of the Mediterranean

Nestled into the stylish hub of Galleria Mall, the newly-opened Mawasim Restaurant and Lounge is ready to welcome you with a mouthwatering dining experience. With a theme of ‘seasons’, the restaurant is a melting pot of contemporary interiors and tasteful elements.

Mawasim Restaurant and Lounge’s menu is designed by Chef Maher Ramzi whose vast culinary journey can be described as a mixture of the old and the new. From his humble beginnings in Europe to his travels across the Middle East, he has crafted a menu that highlights their seasoned cuisine – the best of both world’s as they say. As a result, it features fresh and palatable tastes of the Mediterranean that have been updated and modernized, resulting in fantastic flavors reminiscent of home.

Chef Ramzi gladly informed us that a lot of thought has been put into crafting each plate, ensuring that each guest has the best culinary experience possible. True enough, all the dishes came in like elegant works of art, meticulously prepared and breathtakingly decadent.

Chef Ramzi says that a lot of care has been exerted into making each of his specialties. Even the herbs used in a variety of dips and garnish are organic and self-grown. The attention to detail at Mawasim is very admirable.

We started our culinary journey with a new twist on our favorite classic hummus. Mawasim’s ‘Jalapeño Hummus’ is a take-off on the traditional hummus; it’s a wonderful combination of flavors left a little tingle on our tongues.

Aside from the sumptuous salads and appetizers, guests can choose from poulet, Pesca, and carni. There are plenty of familiar dishes but each includes a novel surprise. We had the rich ‘Risotto de mare’, which is Arborio rice cooked with fresh mushrooms and chicken, topped with shavings of parmesan. The ‘Tikka Bahraini’ pizza featuring thinly sliced juicy beef marinated with aromatics, sliced onions, potato fries with mint yogurt sauce, topped with Oman chips left us wanting more!

All of the dishes were fresh and remarkably delicious but Mawasim’s lamb chops are especially notable. ‘Porterhouse lamb chops’ covered with their homemade gremolata, au gratin potatoes, sautéed vegetables, served with Chef Ramzi’s signature sauce. Biting into the tender meat was a total treat; the crunchiness of the pistachios elevated the succulent lamb chops.

Don’t forget to save room for dessert; one glance at the menu will have you drooling!

Guests have the choice to be seated in a non-smoking or smoking area where they can experience the best sheesha in town! This is further complemented by flat-screen TVs installed at every corner and a stunning view of the area.

Truly, Mawasim is the place to be for a soul-satisfying feast with your friends and loved ones.