Places to eat in Budaiya

Places to eat in Budaiya

Check out these top-notch restaurants in Budaiya. 

1. Al Aabraj Restaurant

Where: Budaiya road
Known for: Arabic cuisine
Contact: 17595656

al aabraj

For a no-fail, cheerful time with your family and friends, you can’t go wrong with Al Aabraj. Serving a host of Arabic dishes, grills, and mezze; it’s fast food with character. Try the specialty grills like chicken fillet sizzlers, rib eye sizzlers, or hammour fillet sizzlers (they’re for sharing!). Or sink your teeth into delicious rice dishes like goozi, jojah kabab, or chicken/ lamb biryani.

2. Beyroute

Where: Budaiya Hwy, Jannusan
Known for: Lebanese food
Contact: +973 1728 0111

bey route

If you want great hummus, you’ve come to the right place. Serving Lebanese food in a very chic and contemporary setting, this place is light and chic. A lovely alternative to other grill restaurants in the area, go here if you want to get jazzed up. Located on the popular Palm Square on Budaiya Road, its part restaurant, part delicatessen with a wall lined with authentic Lebanese products.

3. Leyan Cafe

Where: Bu Quwah, Cypress Garden
Known for: Bahraini food with a twist
Contact: +973 1700 7100

leyan cafe

This dainty little cafe in Cypress Garden brings flair to traditional Bahraini fare. Good wholesome food, traditional Bahraini breakfasts (eggs with tomatoes, dahl, samboosas) + other treats like hamburgers made with local ingredients. If you’re looking for a family spot in a clean and well-appointed restaurant, look no further than Leyan.

4. Emmawash

Where: Budaiya highway
Known for: traditional Arabic food
Contact: +973 1730 9030


This iconic eatery in Budaiya gets rave reviews every time. Great design and concept, a family friendly area, and pocket friendly food (which is delicious to boot), Emmawash is a clear winner. Fresh breads, eggs, and other breakfast items plus karak tea and rose milk; its a great traditional breakfast that is hard to find elsewhere.

5. Delifrance 

Where: Jawad dome
Known for: French inspired snacks
Contact: +973 17 696 031


For irresistible tastes and wholesome food, head on over to Delifrance at Jawad Dome. A wide range of breakfast food, breads, and farmhouse produce ensure your takeaway is healthy and tasty. You can also tailormake your options like for instance this croissant stuffed with scrambled egg and turkey ham, grilled tomato on the side.

6. Caramel

Where: Budaiya
Serves: Italian food
Contact: +973 1779 7087


Fresh, contemporary, healthy food referencing Italian classics is the hallmark of Caramel. Think homemade beef patties smothered in real cheddar cheese, homemade soup in a real fresh bun, and ribeye and tenderloin steak. Also try their nutritious coolies like the pina colada, which is pineapple and coconut milk. Refreshing and hearty, its a great place to unwind.

7. Gusto Pizzeria Ristorante

Where: Palm Square on Budaiya Highway., Rd No 455, Jannusan
Serves: Italian food
Contact: +973 1769 5556


If you’re craving for great pizza, go here. With classic staples like the Margherita & Marinara pizza, Napoli, Capricciosa, and Diavola; this is your Italian food fix. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Carciofi Pizza which has artichokes, salami, egg, and three kinds of cheese. Or do the mezzaluna which is half pizza Margherita and half calzone.

8. Lanna Thai 

Where: Budaiya highway
Known for: Thai food
Contact: +973 17 593 940

lanna thai

Unassuming yet incredibly good, Lanna Thai offers an authentic Thai dining experience. From the floor seating section (don’t worry, there are also regular tables and chairs), to the homey bar, to the delicious Thai dishes that will come out one after the other from the kitchen; this is a gem of a restaurant. Highly recommended!

9. Thai Express

Where: Jawad Dome
Known for: Thai food
Contact: +973 17 008 614

thai express

Another way to fix your Thai food cravings, Thai express offers a selection of Thai delicacies at fast food rate of service. Chicken satay, prawn fried rice, and barbeque chicken (Thai style) to start with. There’s also the staple red and green curry (the hotness will vary according to your request) and the ubiquitous tom kha and tom yum soups.

What is your favorite place to eat in Budaiya?