Places to Roam in Bahrain

Places to Roam in Bahrain

Think you’ve seen the whole of Bahrain? Check out these iconic and little-known spots for your next adventure. 

1. Beit Al Quran

Where: Hoora
Known for: being a center for Islamic Arts
Contact: +973 1729 0101

beit al quran

The Beit Al Quran has been acknowledged as one of the most renowned Islamic museums in the world. It was built “to accommodate a comprehensive and valuable collection of the Quran, and other rare manuscripts”, a concept unique to the region. Abdul Latif Jassim Kanoo founded the museum and also donated the core of its collection.

2. Bab Al Bahrain

Where: Manama
Known for: being a shopper’s paradise
Contact: +973 8000 8000

bab al bahrain

Ah! The iconic Bab Al Bahrain, without which none of our Travel to Bahrain albums are complete. Marking the entrance to Manama Souq, where one can easily spend hours browsing through the shops filled with spices, clothes, and other knicknacks; the Bab is quintessential to Bahraini life. One of the main attractions of Bab is the gold city, where exquisite gold pieces in unbelievable prices can be found.

3. Bahrain World Trade Center

Where: Manama
Known for: shopping and fine dining
Contact: +973 1332 3332

Kingdom of Bahrain

Costing $150 million and designed by multi-national architectural firm Atkins, the Bahrain World Trade Center is the world’s first skyscraper with integrated wind turbines. Overlooking the Manama waterfront, it has office towers, the five-star Sheraton Hotel, as well as MODA Mall, Bahrain’s only luxury shopping destination.

4. Al Jasra Handicrafts Centre

Where: Al Jasra
Known for: handicrafts
Contact: +973 1761 1900

al jasra handicrafts centre

Al Jasra Handicrafts Centre provides a glimpse of the traditional arts and crafts that many of the villages in Bahrain have historically produced. It showcases pottery making, cloth weaving, wood working, basket weaving, and sadow making using the same techniques used in the olden times! What’s more you can buy these stuff and take it home as a centrepiece.

5. Bu Maher Fort

      Where: Muharraq
      Known for: being part of the Pearling Trail
      Contact: +973 1729 8777

bu maher fort

The Bu Maher Fort is the first step in the Pearling Trail, which the Ministry of Culture succeeded in being named a World Heritage Site in 2012. The cool thing is that the Ministry of Culture offers daily trips by sea from the Bahrain National Museum between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. These trips enable people to re-live the experiences and sea expeditions of our pearling ancestors. We encourage you to see it for yourself!


6. Bahrain Fort (Qalat al Bahrain)

Where: Karbabad
Known for: being an archaeological site
Contact: +973 1756 7172

bahrain fort

Once the capital of the Dilmun civilization, and inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005; Qalat al Bahrain is picture-postcard perfect and is the site of many photoshoots. Archaeological findings have revealed seven civilizations of urban structures in the fort which makes it an intangible heritage site and an iconic destination.

7. Bani Jamra

 Where: Bani Jamra
Known for: being a weaving town

bani jamra

Bani Jamra is famous as being a center of traditional fabric weaving, which is a rapidly dying art. This was the main source of livelihood of farmers, who used date palms in their farming and weaving. Bani Jamra cloth is celebrated for its detailed patterns and vibrant colors. It’s a good idea to invest in one now before this art becomes outdated.

8. Bahrain Yacht Club

Where: Sitra
Known for: being a sailing club
 Contact: +973 1770 0677

bahrain yacht club

If you’re into sailing and watersports, then you’re probably already familiar with the Bahrain Yacht Club. The Yacht Club has training facilities and provides courses for adult and junior sailing, powerboat courses, and windsurfing lessons. Absolute fun!

9. Tree of Life

Where: near Jebel Dukhan
Known for: being a miracle tree
Contact: +973 3983 2675

tree of life

A miracle tree, considered the symbol of Bahrain, this tree is approximately 400 years old and grows in a place where there is no known water source! Many people make the trek to visit this ancient tree and be reminded of the resilience and vitality of life.

What is your favorite place to roam in Bahrain?