Places to do Yoga in Bahrain

Places to do Yoga in Bahrain

Say Om. 

1. The Art of Living Centre

Where: Burhama
Known for: coming up with a happiness program
Contact: +973 3965 3007

the art of living

The Art of Living Centre aims to make life a celebration. Their personal development programs (which are not just physical yoga), combine the mystical and modern to help you create a life of purpose, joy, and confidence. The centre teaches people how to eliminate stress and enjoy life to the fullest. Good stuff!

2. Jacques Dessange 

Where: Adliya
Known for: having a top notch salon and spa
Contact: +973 1771 3999

jacques dessange

Awfully pricey, but super worth it; Dessange is well known for its salon and spa, but did you know you can also find your way to fitness here? Yoga is on the menu as well as free motion, pilates, and a sauna and jacuzzi where you can relax after your workout. It’s super chic and beautiful inside, you may just want to live there.

3. Namaste Bahrain

Where: Budaiya
Known for: being Bahrain’s first internationally recognized yoga school
Contact: +973 1759 1565


Namaste offers a holistic experience of the healing power of yoga in a caring, upscale, and professional environment. Aside from the classic yoga sessions, Namaste also offers Levitation, which is a yoga class taught with the body (or parts of it) supported by a yoga swing suspended from the ceiling! That just makes things super exciting.

4. Ballare School of Performing Arts

Where: Saar
Known for: being a performing arts school
Contact: +973 3925 1281

ballare school of performing arts

Aside from jazz and dance, Ballare offers Stretch and Flexibility, Yoga, Yogalates, Ashtanga Yoga, and Body Balance to increase the body’s flexibility and gain endurance. In addition, these classes focus on the mind, increasing circulation, and stimulating the internal organs whilst toning the body and creating a strong, centered mind.

5. Pure Yoga

Where: Hamala
Known for: the premiere hot yoga experience
Contact: +973 1700 7111

pure yoga

Pure Yoga separates the core practice of yoga from the cultural practices that have traditionally surrounded it, thus the byword “pure”. The premiere hot yoga experience includes a sequence of 26 postures, performed in a room heated to 400-430C designed to systematically work and detoxify every part of the body.

6. Studio RCT

Where: Sanabis
Known for: Body flying
Contact: +973 3944 5816

studio rct

Studio RCT stands for Rehabilitation, Contrology, Therapies, a functional training studio in the heart of Bahrain. A Pilates advocate, Roberta (the founder), is also a certified teacher trainer at Yoga Alliance after having completed 500 hrs. of intensive training. Studio RCT aims to provide a holistic centre where individuals can find alternative therapies through body movement.

7. Fitness First 

Where: many locations
Known for: being a membership gym
Contact: bahrain.fitnessfirstme

fitness first bahrain

Aside from the usual strengthening and conditioning classes you have come to expect in Fitness First, they also offer Hatha Yaga and Flow Yoga. Fitness First has many branches throughout Bahrain, equipped with the best modern facilities and specialist personal trainers providing their expertise in cardio, yoga, and weight management.

8. Bodyline Sports & Spa

      Where: Saar
Known for: being a total fitness and health club
Contact: +973 1779 3932


Bodyline is a 20-year old sports and spa center in Saar that provides people with the means to achieve their fitness, health, and beauty goals. Aside from yoga and group exercise classes, they also have relaxing spa treatments and a cafe to enjoy light meals. After a challenging yoga session, you can opt to pamper yourself in the spa or take some refreshments in the beautiful atmosphere.

9. Bahrain Wellness Resort 

      Where: Budaiya
Known for: ayurvedic and therapeutic treatments
Contact: +973 1779 5961

bahrain wellness resort

The Bahrain Wellness Resort is the Gulf’s first and largest center for internationally accepted Alternative Medicine Systems like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Yoga. (Imagine doing yoga in the lush surroundings!) You will find here all you require for a healthy body, a sound mind, and a peaceful spirit.

10. Ritz-Carlton Bahrain

      Where: Seef
Known for: luxury spa and fitness treatments
Contact: +973 1758 0000

ritz carlton

Although yoga at the Ritz is a members-only privilege, it is worth it to try a fitness membership in this tranquil and luxurious place. The experience as the Ritz-Carlton would say is immersive and vacation-worthy, something we have come to associate yoga with: lush surroundings, peaceful mind, and a healthy, toned body.

What is your favorite place to do yoga in Bahrain?