Swiss Belhotel B28 – Bar Bites

Swiss Belhotel B28 – Bar Bites

B28 at Swiss Belhotel has an all-new Ladies Night with a revamped menu and Bahrain Confidential is all for it.

The B28 Bar is definitely one of the most in vogue places to down a drink. The dark and cozy plush interiors and that spectacular view of Bahrain’s beautifully lit skyline merely add to the ambiance. These are reasons enough to visit the bar with a couple of friends or even by yourself. But B28 raises the stakes with new and tempting offers.

Ladies Nights on Wednesday features two complimentary drinks for the girls, Happy Hours are now Buy 1 get 1 from 4pm to 8pm every day and a Hoteliers Night where you get 50% off on all food and beverages upon showing your company ID. But the most exciting change we were looking forward to was the change in the menu.

As much as we loved the previous menu, this new menu is crafted by the executive chef at the hotel, Holger Lang. He’s put together a series of perfectly sized bar bites that allow you to buzz your taste buds and not just your head.

The spread consists of 12 items, all 12 of them perfect to keep the night going for a little longer. We know because we tried them all. We first started off with some incredible looking welcome drinks – Sangrias! The word just sings and so did we.

As we were taking in the taste and the deep rich red of the Sangria, we got served our first platter.

It was the Arabic Cold Mezza – the bread was hot and toasty and along with it, we had a generous amount of Hummus, Moutabel, Tabouleh, and Muhammara. To be honest, we didn’t require anything more; we were perfectly content with the quantity and definitely the flavors.

But as the night progressed, we had a generous platter of Nachos, that was to die for. After which we had a small plate of Breaded Onion rings, Chicken Croquette, fish and chips and crispy Calamari rings and we can’t express to you how perfect they were. The batter was thin and crispy, and the insides were thoroughly cooked!

Next, we moved on the Chef’s personal favorite, the Mediterranean Chicken Kebab and we could see why he recommended it, there was definitely a lot of love there.

We also had steak fries and then to finish off we had a pulled CAB rib slider that had a slow-cooked Angus beef patty. This seems like a lot and we were properly stuffed but we couldn’t stop ourselves, it was hard just to imagine stopping. We are definitely going back. B28’s new menu gets a thumbs-up and a double tap from us.