How things work in Bahrain

How things work in Bahrain

In the Middle East, Bahrain is considered a cosmopolitan, business-friendly, and laid back country. Whether you’re thinking of heading here to visit, or coming here to work; these are some things you need to know in order to enjoy your stay in this country. 

  1. Documentation

    To enter Bahrain, you need to show a passport that’s valid for at least 6 months; a marriage certificate (if applicable); birth certificates for all family members; and a medical certificate for workers. While in Bahrain, you’re required to carry identification documents like passport, national identity card (CPR), and appropriate entry and residence visas.

    2. Visa 

    In order to travel, visit, or work in Bahrain; most expats generally require a visa. This is normally the employer for working people. If on business, the hotel you’re staying in can be the sponsor. For an additional fee, the hotel can usually take care of the processing for you.

3. Employment


Employment prospects in the Middle East vary. Usually, expatriates already have a firm offer upon traveling to the country. Although while here, some people do get lucky enough to find a job. Many search engines like or gdnclassifieds allow people to engage in the job market.

4. Homes/ Accomodation


The property market in Bahrain is huge, with new ones being constructed every minute so there won’t be a shortage of flats or villas for you to find. There are usually property agencies who can help you look for a rental home within your expectations and budget. There are three types of properties: unfurnished, semi-furnished, and fully furnished. So you don’t have to move everything around every time you move, fully furnished sounds like the best way to go.

5. Healthcare


People who come to Bahrain have already been tested to insure that they don’t have any infectious diseases. Keeping yourself healthy is easy since the quality of healthcare treatments in Bahrain is high and is comparable to other Western countries (except for specialized treatment). Bahrain also has a public health service providing very low-cost health care.

6. Currency and Banking


The currency in the country is the Bahraini dinar. If you have a residence permit, you can open a bank account and transact as you wish. Many expats in Bahrain send out a voluminous amount of money back home so there are many money exchange centers out here if you want to send money abroad. You can also opt to save or hedge your funds or invest in Bahrain.

7. Transportation


Bahrain is a place where you have to have your own car to get around. Buses may or may not stop at your desired locations at the times that you need to go from place to place. If you don’t already have your driving license, be sure to get yourself to the General Directorate of Traffic and apply for a learner’s permit. Once you pass that, you can get your own driving license and rent or buy a car.

8. Utilities 


While you’re here, you also need to think about the utilities you will need like water, gas, electricity, phone/ computers; and of course, internet. Also note, that during summer, air-conditioning costs go way up; and in the winter, you may need a heater. Also bear in mind that you would want to call long-distance once in a while. There are many and cheap options for these, but getting yourself established might be a bit of shock.

9. Education 


There are many venues for education and continuing education in Bahrain (which as we all know, makes you more attractive to employers). The British Council offers the IELTS exam as well as an MA for Teaching English. Embassies like the Japanese and French embassy offer foreign language lessons; while there are many non-formal education programs and training centers available for people who would like to improve themselves.

10. Travel 


Travel from Bahrain is always a nice and exciting opportunity as it is near Asia, Europe, and Africa. Flights are cheaper and the possibilities for adventures are endless. There are also nice long weekends that people can take advantage of for travel.

Enjoy your stay!