Thrifty Tips–Bahrain

Thrifty Tips–Bahrain

Its always a good idea to save money. Here are some ways you can do so in Bahrain. 

1. Make your own lunch. 

Prep time: half an hour
Savings: BD2-BD20 a day
Cool factor: You can trade/ share lunch with a friend.

make your own lunch

We spend so much on eating out so if you can reduce your restaurant binges to maybe just once a week, you’ll save a lot of money. It’s not that hard to chop some chicken and lettuce, spread mayo or hummus on a pita, and call it a wrap. Or you can cook one big meal on the weekend and freeze the leftovers in individual portions so you’ll have lunch throughout the week.

2. Eat at home 

Prep time: half an hour to one hour
Savings: BD150-BD300 a month
Cool factor: Spend time with family.

eat at home

Eating at home will definitely save you on those restaurant bills, plus taxes. In addition, food you prepare will have less fat, salt, and seasonings. This is also a time to bond with family and friends and talk about the events of the day. You also get to appreciate your family more as you see the care and preparation they put into making your food.

3. Write down your expenses

Prep time: 10 minutes a day
Cool factor: It will keep you on track with your budget.

write down expenses

Writing down expenses is the first step towards managing your personal budget. Have you ever wondered where your money goes at the end of the month and end up wishing that payday was tomorrow? Well, writing down your expenses will hopefully empower you to be proactive about your purchases and savings and will keep you on track with your personal budget.

4. Buy in bulk

Prep time: 10-20 minutes before shopping
Cool factor: You can keep a co-op with your friends to store certain items.

A large selection of bulk dry foods in clever dispensers and a weighing scale at an upscale grocery store; Shutterstock ID 131422709; PO:

Beans, grains, and flour can all be bought in bulk. Dry goods like tissues, paper towels, and other kinds of household items like soap and detergent can be stored for a long time. Buying these products in bulk can result in comparative savings and might be something you can look at with friends who live nearby so you can get huge savings on certain items.

5. Chill with Netflix

Prep time: you’ll need to set up a netflix account
Savings: anywhere from BD20-BD50 a month
Cool factor: Unlimited choice in movies and time range.


The movies aren’t really that expensive (BD3 per person), but if you make a day of the movies; you’ll inevitably get attracted to the shops with clothes, or the restaurant, or the gelato counter. But if you stay at home and watch a movie, the most you can do is order pizza; so it’s still a big saving. Hook up with your local dealer to get your Netflix account today.

6. Borrow books at the National Library

Prep time: 5-10 minutes (just get your library card)
Savings: anywhere from BD20-BD50 a month
Cool factor: enjoy art and literature in the same building

bahrain national library

Now you can borrow books from the National Library! And enjoy art and architecture in the process! If you’re a scholar or just an inveterate bookworm, this would surely be of exciting news to you. The National Library also offers movies and viewing facilities, plus free Internet access and telescopes, should you be in the mood for stargazing.

7. Spend a day at Al Jazayer Beach

Savings: a lot more than if you go to the mall
Cool factor: beaches and sand

al jazayer beach

Now that it’s summer, its time to hit the beach! Al Jazayer is one of the more popular local haunts and you can easily spend a day frolicking around here. Gather the family for a barbecue, walking on the beach, photo ops, and/or snorkeling and other watersports if you so wish. Also, frisbee and beach volleyball.

8. DIY Beauty

Preparation: 20 minutes to half an hour for beauty treatments
Savings: a lot more than if you go to the spa
Cool factor: you can make this a date with your girlfriends

diy beauty

Spas and salons are costly, but you can get your treatments at a fraction of the price at home with ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. For example, to give your hair sun-kissed highlights, just apply lemon juice to your strands and leave it. Voila! Instant hair-color. To depuff eyes, put some used teabags on your peepers and put your feet up.

9. Shop at Ramez

Savings: a lot more than if you go to ordinary supermarkets
Cool factor: each and every member of your family is bound to find something they like here


The ubiquitous Ramez has been the stuff of many families’ shopping trips for years. Inside you can find lots of things you need (and many others you don’t!) at basement prices. Dinner ware, kitchen ware, fabric, jewelry, cosmetics, food, name it and its here. You can even find lots of things to send home on the balikbayan boxes.

10. Buy clothes at Splash

Savings: a lot more than if you go to other clothing outlets
Cool factor: hip and trendy pieces go for as low as BD5


Although City Center has pricier outlets, the iconic Splash is your go to for hip and trendy clothes at a bargain price. With outfits for men, women, and children featuring the latest trends in fashion; it is an awesomely good bargain and no one will ever know that those jackets, shoes, and bags cost only BD5 apiece. They also have seasonal sales that definitely add to their appeal.

What is your favorite money saving tip?