Where to eat in Adliya

Where to eat in Adliya

Planning a stroll through Adliya? Follow it up with a picnic after. These are some top spots to eat at in this charming district. 

1. Brazil Rodizio Grill & Lounge

      Where: Bldg.792 Road 3630, Adliya 336
       Known for: grills and happy hour
       Contact: +973 1782 6686

brazil rodizio

If you are craving for churrasco (traditional Latin American beef or grilled meat), look no further than this colorful Brazilian restaurant which not only offers authentic churrasco but also gives you the option of all you can eat and drink! Its great value for money and perfect for parties with a group of friends.

2. Fuddruckers 

       Where: Osama Bin Zaid Ave, Manama
       Known for: comfort American food
       Contact: +973 3355 7769


If you just want a family-friendly place to eat your burgers and fries in comfort, then head for Fuddruckers. Known for traditional American comfort food like burgers, salads, and shakes; you can also get chili, onion rings, and Rice Krispies Treats. Though its not a culinary adventure, its a tried and true favorite you may need when tramping along the streets of Adliya.

3. Cafe Amsterdam 

      WhereBuilding 119, Road 3931, Block 338, Adliya
      Known for: quirky decor and great food
      Contact: +973 1700 7404

cafe amsterdam

This quaint little place with its heartwarming decor and good, homemade food is a winner. Offering a selection of Dutch and British cuisine, Cafe Amsterdam takes pride in making everything, from their bread to their sauces, themselves. With a conservatory room, a casual dining area, and even a sports bar, its a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

4. Jim’s Restaurant  

      WhereBlock 338, Adliya
      Known for: Irish food and beer
      Contact: +973 3932 4633


Jim’s serves good, honest cooking at reasonable prices. Though tiny outside, the inside is airy with atmospheric black and white prints with a unique cottage feel that brings the outdoors inside. You can comfortably hold a dinner for two or a banquet of 40 inside. Of course, the Full English breakfast with home-cooked eggs, bacon, and black pudding are served on a Fridays. And they a chef from New Delhi that serves awesome curry which English people love!

5. Florence

      Where: Villa 118, Corner Road 3803, Block 338,, Rd No 3825, Manama
       Known for: Mediterranean cuisine
       Contact: +973 1733 6373


With rustic decor and a charming interior, Florence will make you smile the moment you enter it. With a menu that encompasses over 60 dishes from Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Lebanon, and Morocco; this is your Mediterranean fix right here. There’s also a fresh juice bar that offers over 20 healthy varieties and juice mixes.

6. Urban Dhaba

       Where: Rd No 2727, Manama
       Known for: North Indian food
       Contact: +973 1716 2761

urban dhaba

This quaint little place that looks like it came straight from a fairytale serves honest food “straight from the Highways of India”. You can choose from a variety of delicious North Indian, Mughlai, Chinese, and grills. They also have new chaat (savory snacks) items on the menu that’s a must-try. Everything is served in clay or metal containers in a comforting, homey atmosphere. Bon appetit! ^_^

7. Akiko

      Where: 847 Rd No 3828, Manama 338
      Known for: Asian cuisine
      Contact: +973 1771 7080


Modern architecture and stunning views with contemporary Japanese cuisine make this restaurant a stand-out. The teppanyaki, sushi, tempura, and other appetizers are handmade fresh and presented exquisitely. Friendly servers and a cool, chill-out lounge atmosphere will keep you coming back for more. They also have brunch offers on Fridays!

8. Baan Saeng Thai

      Where: Rd No 2629, Manama
      Known for: Thai food
      Contact: +973 1771 5775

baan saeng thai

If you’re craving Thai food, this is one of the best places to have it on the island. With a seafood buffet on Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays; and Business Lunch on all days from 11:30AM – 3:30PM; as well as a wide selection of a la carte menus, this place is often busy. People rave about the food, especially the tom yum soup.

9. China Garden

      WhereGulf Hotel
      Known for: Chinese food
      Contact: +973 1771 3000

china garden

Offering a wide selection of food influenced by distinct Chinese regions: Cantonese, Schezuan, and Peking; China Garden aims to bring you “Mainland China on a plate”. Bite into Chinese dimsum and Peking duck prepared by Head Chef Wang and his team of expert chefs. China Garden was voted as Best Chinese Restaurant by FACT awards and Time Out, and was rumored to be Michael Jackson’s favorite restaurant when he lived in Bahrain.

10. Da Rae Jung  

      Where: Building 865 Block 327 Road 2717
      Known for: Korean food
      Contact: +973 1700 2490

 da rae jung
Reviewers say that this is the best Korean restaurant in town. With tables equipped for Korean hot pot (and a Thai option for those who want to play safe), this is a foolproof party place. Authentic in flavors and ingredients used, this restaurant is fast becoming a go-to for Korean food lovers and adventurers alike.
What is your favorite place to eat in Adliya?