Where to Eat in Hoora

Where to Eat in Hoora

Along with Adliya and Juffair, Hoora is considered as the centre of Bahrain’s nightlife. It also boasts of some great eateries. 

1. Mohammed Noor Restaurant

Where: beside McDonald’s Hoora
Known for: the chicken
Contact: +973 3344 8862

mohammed noor

Service is quick, food is great, and people keep coming back for the chicken on rice, which is the restaurant’s own patented recipe. You can sit down on the floor and eat with your hands to truly imbibe the traditional feel. The chicken comes with your choice of rice: Peshawar, bukhari, or biryani. Or you can get the staff to mix it up for you. Tasty and cheap, this is one hotspot you’ll keep coming back to.

2. Hometown Grill

Where: Hoora
Known for: grills and Turkish food
Contact: +973 1736 9494

hometown grill

Fast service, cheap prices, and super amazing grills make this little joint in Hoora quite popular among its denizens. Vying for the title of best mixed grills in town, their shish tawouk is also always on point. Their servings are huge, so make sure you take someone with you and order cautiously! On the other hand, you can always wrap up the leftovers to enjoy at home.

3. Mehl Al Zahd

Where: Diplomatic Area, Off Exhibitions Avenue, Manama
Known for: Iraqi food
Contact: +973  1731 1170

mehd al zaad

Mehl Al Zaad holds claim to being Bahrain’s first Iraqi restaurant. Your menu will arrive in Arabic with a standard English language version but just ask the waiter for help. Try the mixed mezze for starters and chicken or meat ghouzi for mains. Your food will arrive shortly, everything freshly prepared, the hummus a truly delicious experience, the meat falling right off the bones. You’ll realize there’s a reason why classics are always the best.

4. Isfahani

Where: Hoora
Known for: Iraqi food
Contact: +973 1761 0510


Among the many Iraqi joints in Hoora, Isfahani deserves special mention as one great place for a chellow kebab. From lamb main courses, to curry, to hot appetizers and chicken main courses; it is a feast for the senses. Isfahani is also one of the more chill-out places along Hoora where you can watch the conclave of people go by and relax and just enjoy your food.

5. Badawi

Where: Bldg 899، Rd 1812، Manama
Known for: Lebanese food
Contact: +973 1729 7799


Badawi serves a variety of appetizing Lebanese food. Delicious halloumi, Juicy shish tawook, amazing felafel, and other standard fares like shawarma is also on the menu. Reviewers rave about their hummus, which office workers can have delivered to their offices instead of stepping out for lunch. Supplement everything with the puffy warm Lebanese bread which is really awesome!

6. Arirang

 Where: Rd No 2003, Manama
Known for: Korean food
Contact: +973 1729 0945


This unassuming facade opens into a quaint and charming Korean and Japanese restaurant frequented by Korean and Japanese folks. Fresh ingredients, free appetizers, and barbecue cooked at your table; this place is an epicurean delight! Don’t forget you’ll be offered kimchi by the batch, and you can ask the staff for help if you are feeling overwhelmed.

7. Dosa Plaza

Where: Road no. 1805 Manama
Known for: South East Asian cuisine
Contact: +973 1729 0945

dosa plaza

With a great variety of Indian, vegetarian, and Chinese, plus an amazing food service, Dosa Plaza has earned a spot as one of the more popular foodie places in Hoora. The bright interiors would surely whet your appetite for more. Great to enjoy with the whole family, you can choose from 104 types of dosa, South Indian, Punjabi, Mumba-Chaat, and Indo-Chinese food. How’s that for variety?

8. Healthy Calorie 

Where: Al Shabab Avenue
Known for: healthy alternatives to your favorite calorific foods
Contact: +973 1729 0945

healthy calorie

In the heart of all the fatty eateries in Adliya comes this quaint little place that is determined to make you eat healthy. Healthy Calorie provides versions of your favorite full-fat meals like the Grilled Philly Steak Sandwich or the Avocado Chicken Salad. The salads are fantastic and you can choose from eggplant yogurt, apple walnut, and grilled halloumi. You won’t be starved for flavor or calories. It’s worth a try!

What is your favorite place to eat in Hoora?