Work Outfits circa 2017

Work Outfits circa 2017

This is the time to revamp your work outfits and put on something splashier, cuter, and more sophisticated. Here are 10 ideas to help you enjoy dressing for work.

  1. Invest in a statement jacket

work 1

As you can see, a statement jacket makes even a pair of jeans and a T-shirt look really, really good. Add an expensive looking watch and a nice pair of shoes and you’re all set for anything that can happen throughout the day.

2. Add a dash of color with peep toe pumps

2. peep toe pumps

Subtly sexy yet still sophisticated, a cardigan over a pencil skirt with peep toe pumps is a classic look you can take to the boardroom, that meeting, or after work drinks.

3. Layer a cardigan over a turtleneck

work 3

It’s still cold outside, so if you have to go out on meetings, it makes sense to layer your clothes. A cardigan over a turtleneck would keep you from freezing. Tuck everything onto high-waist jeans and you’ve got a nice and easy yet still professional style.

4. Get yourself a pair of statement pants

work 4

Like the statement jacket, you need little to jazz up the statement pant. A black shirt, high-heels, and a cuff means dressing up is easy in the morning. Plus, people will think you made an effort (even if you didn’t).

5. Be a trendsetter with loafers and jeans

work 5

Preppy style can be modern too! Take a tweed jacket and layer it on top of button downs. Add a pair of blue jeans and your favorite loafers and voila! Instant hipster. (Glasses optional).

6. Go sheer and add polka dots!

6. sheer + polka dots

Take a sheer blouse, and add interest with a patterned pant. Keep everything in the same color family so the different textures are not overwhelming. Complete your look with a choker and statement heels.

7. Try a necktie

7. the necktie

This under-utilized accessory is as stylish on women as it is on men. The necktie adds instant polish and adds that perfect je ne sais quo. Put one on before your next meeting for a burst of confidence.

8. Mix neutrals and black 

Blush Tones

Tones of neutrals like camel, blush, beige, and chamois is anything but dull. Classic and sophisticated, add touches of black to make the color pop out. Even better, keep your makeup in the same neutral colors.

9. Go for printed pants

printed pants

Add a touch of whimsy to your workaday lives with printed pants. You can choose any design you like but stripes are virtually elongating and hence very flattering. Add pumps, a good solid bag, and a big grin and you’re sure to get a lot of compliments.

10. Match a long-sleeved blouse with a pencil skirt

10. pencil skirt

There’s a reason this combination is a classic. That’s because it always works. A button down shirt and a pencil skirt complement each other. Ditto for pumps which is the classic partner of this repertoire.

What is your favorite work outfit?