Ya Hala

Ya Hala

Ramada Hotel & Suites Amwaj islands boast a new restaurant that will ‘a-Mezze’ your eyes and appetite!

Dying to get away this summer? Ramada Hotel & Suites Amwaj recently opened a beautiful Mediterranean rooftop restaurant you’d want to visit every day. With stunning views and beautiful interiors, Ya Hala makes its patrons feel like they are dining somewhere in the Greek islands.

Ya Hala flaunts a vast menu crafted by Executive Chef Carlos Lizarraga Mancera, that takes inspiration from the Middle East, modern Southern Europe to the Levant. Chef Carlos says that he wants to be able to take guests into a gastronomic adventure with every dish that he makes. “I want guests not to just ‘visit’ but rather have an ‘experience’ that they will remember”, Chef Carlos adds.

We commenced our experience by savoring the ‘Nachos Gratin’ with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. The nachos are definitely a crisp start to what seems like a wonderful culinary adventure. Biting into the Spanish-style ‘Charred Padron Peppers’ however, triggered a pleasant surprise on our taste buds – who knew that these bright green peppers can be turned into such an addictive side dish?

Moving on to the most awaited part, the main course. Tender and full of flavor, we were quick to clean the ‘Arabic Mixed Grill’ alongside the ‘Shish Tawook’, chicken skewers marinated in herbs and spices grilled to perfection alongside grilled vegetables and fries. Paired with a side of greens and crispy fries, the mixed grill goes well with the restaurant’s impressive beverage menu.

We wrapped up the evening on a sweet note with ‘Cicolatto Dolci’, which is a sweet chocolate dessert with pistachios. For those who are craving for a tipple or two, there’s a great cocktail and grape menu on hand.

We sipped on our mocktails while admiring the sea view and the warm sunset. From quick bar bites to a banquet of sharing plates, Ya Hala definitely hits the spot.

The restaurant features live music, outdoor and indoor seating with a dance floor. Ya Hala is open from 5pm to 2am during weekdays and 12nn to 2am on weekends.